·¤·☽·☾·· mood indigo ··☽·☾·¤·




her mood…     indigo
  she could not bear her mournful thoughts
  she would not dare hold on to hope
she should not care,  but had no choice

bluer than blue  forevermore
he had  forsaken her
forgiveness not in her nature
forgetfulness not within her reach

blue Moon
spurned by her Lover
no longer reflecting his light
turned away
so as to not have to look upon his face

the dark side of  the Moon
shown to all but the stars
for they would not reveal
the tears she wept endlessly

her mood…     indigo





two very different versions of  “Mood Indigo” ~ enjoy them both!

“Mood Indigo”   Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington


“Mood Indigo”   Nina Simone



this is my submission to ~


Mood Swings    at    POETRY JAM
prompt:   write a “moody” poem



i am also participating in ~






“Mood Indigo”   Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington

lyrics ~

Songwriters:  Albany Bigard,  Edward Ellington,  Irving Mills

You ain’t been blue, no, no, no
You ain’t been blue till you’ve had that mood indigo
That feelin’ goes stealin’ down to my shoes
While I sit and sigh, go ‘long blues

Always get that mood indigo
Since my baby said goodbye
In the evenin’ when lights are low
I’m so lonesome I could cry

‘Cause there’s nobody who cares about me
I’m just a soul who’s bluer than blue can be
When I get that mood indigo
I could lay me down and die






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16 responses to “·¤·☽·☾·· mood indigo ··☽·☾·¤·

  1. “Mood Indigo” says so much. It definitely describes well the mood for the bluest of the blue. I guess we just must realize that just as the moon has its dark(sad) side, so does each person. And, as the moon cycles, so do we humans. Well expressed, Dani.

  2. Dani that is one beautiful poem
    Love the phrase “forgiveness not in her nature-forgetfulness not in her reach” so perfect!
    And thank you for your wonderful compliment at Cracker Jack Poet-you really understood my meaning and momentum :-)

  3. Your poem definitely captures a mood of sadness and feeling abandoned. I like the moon metaphor. “No longer reflecting his light” great line :)

  4. peggygoetz

    Definitely a sad, very dark blue mood here. Neat prompt by the way. Thank you.

  5. Helen

    I enjoyed your mood indigo poem … years ago I performed this song with a ladies quartet .. we thought we were hot stuff singing this in four party harmony! We made it sad and bluesy …just like Louie and the Duke!

    • oh, i would have loved to hear that! i was surprised that the Nina Simone version wasn’t more bluesy, but i love her voice! thanks for stopping by, Helen! ♥

  6. bluer than blue, indigo ~ nice share Dani ~ i enjoyed the first video ~

    hope all is well ~


  7. the tears she wept inwardly…ugh…hard to hold those in and keep them there…love the use of indigo in setting the mood as well…..nice prompt as well…i was late but i am in now…

  8. for they would not reveal
    the tears she wept endlessly

    women do tend to grieve silently…

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