∙Ꭳ∙ •Ꮝ• ∙Ꭳ∙ is anyone there?

the silence
wraps ’round me
cold  as the  ice
around my heart

regret gnaws at my soul
for the  things i shouldn’t have done
i try to soothe my conscience
for those things i  should have done,  but never did

the  lack of  sound
threatens to overwhelm me
memories keep rising in the quietude
bringing an abundance of  sorrow

i’m waiting on a jagged precipice
my fear carried by the wind
“is  anyone there?”
…..only  echoes slowly fading

yet i  feel the presence
of  a multitude of  sins…..
smooth lies told without compuction
little wounds inflicted carelessly

not even the sighs of  the stars
can be heard,  though i feel their breath
nipping at my humanity
leaving me shivering with dread

brought to my knees
i  pray for forgiveness
too late…..
there’s no one there to grant me absolution

with trepidation
i  hold my breath and listen
the stillness finally broken
by my misdeeds clattering to be recounted

resignation comes with recognition
for this will be my Hell
damnation tailor-made
penitance for being so unkind…..     so cruel

an endless evocation
of  my life’s transgressions
…..only now…..
i will feel
every pain i caused another

∙Ꭳ∙ •Ꮝ• ∙Ꭳ∙

∙ •Ꮝ• ∙

∙∙ Ꮝ ∙∙

“Is There Anybody Out There?”    Roger Waters  { Pink Floyd }

image ~  charcoal sketch

this is my submission to ~

Whoops!   at   POETRY JAM
prompt:   looking back at past regrets

thank you,  Mary!

Open Link Monday  at  imaginary garden with real toads
submit a new or old poem

thank you,  Kerry!

Prompt #160   at   Carry on Tuesday
prompt:  use all or part of  Is there anybody there?
part of the opening line of  Walter de la Mare’s poem  “The Listeners”

thank you,  Keith!

Vice Versa #3     at     Poets United
prompt:   use all four words ~ Jagged/Smooth & Lack/Abundance

thank you,  Mary!

OpenLinkNight ~ Week 49   at   dVerse ~ Poets Pub
submit a new or old poem

thank you,  Joseph!

Prompt 225    at   One Single Impression
prompt:   waiting

thank you,  Harshad!

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42 responses to “∙Ꭳ∙ •Ꮝ• ∙Ꭳ∙ is anyone there?

  1. What goes around does come around. But isn’t there someone we can kiss, to get YOU out of it, SP?

  2. Wow! I love it. Your writing is always so heartfelt. I feel like I am getting to “know” you through your poetry.

  3. I think the key to this is, to learn from the pain of past wrongs and then ask the person you’ve hurt to forgive you, and if you can’t then the experience of what you did will not be forgotten but, you must also allow you to forgive yourself. That is letting go once the lesson has been learned.
    Lovely pic to go with your words.

  4. Stunning page & poetry

  5. we took a simlar take on the poetry jam prompt…the pain we inflicted on others…i have a few that haunt me a bit…feeling the breath of the stars nipping at your humanity…wow…great line that dani

  6. I don’t think I could imagine a more torturous kind of hell…just being left alone in the silence with nothing to do but think about my sins. Love the intensity and images in this poem. Very well written, Dani! :D

  7. Wow Dani, there is so much beauty n’ sadness wrapped in this one~
    Your imagery is gorgeous! You have captured the raw essence of pain, so well. I can feel the pain! Well Done~

  8. The last lines are very telling and true. And to think that some never come to this realization. Passion filled writing. Loved it.

  9. Yes, certainly one can create her own kind of Hell. Well captured. Also I enjoy all the crazy font characters you manage to find!

    • oh, my little “doodles”? if you click on ‘start’, then ‘all programs’ you’ll find them under ‘character map’ ~ they have thousands to choose from. thanks for your visit and kind comment, Peggy! ♥

  10. And pain ricochets…

  11. Helen

    … ‘only now….. i will feel every pain i caused another’ ~~ I share this feeling, this emotion with you.

  12. This really resonates with me, since I belueve that I have experienced similar regrets and terrible actions. I hope you find the compassion you seek and find the power to forgive yourself.

  13. Yes, it would be awful to be constantly surrounded by all of the things one did wrong in life, the transgressions one made (either knowingly or unknowingly). This idea will haunt me in my dreams tonight, I think, Dani. I like to believe in the concept of forgiveness, especially forgiveness of ourselves, which erases our failings and gives us a clean slate once again. A thought-provoking poem, Dani!

    • oh, i hope it doesn’t enter your dreams! someone asked me once what i would like to be remembered for and i told her that i hope to be remembered as a kind person. my main regrets in life are all the times i wasn’t. this was a very thought-provoking prompt, Mary. i’m not certain i have the courage to relate a real incident. {smile} thank you for the prompt, your visit and your comment! ♥

  14. You touch on the core of those moments when we realize the significance of what we’ve done, or more often perhaps, what we could have done and didn’t. I tend to think the hardest person to forgive is ourselves and wonder if that isn’t just a bit prideful. We are just not perfect and so it is.

  15. I know this feeling well. Sometimes when alone, all you can hear is condemnation from the regret of things done. The weight of it, how it’s there by the ear. And it happens even as one is supposed to be happy, it comes and reminds. Odd how it is — it seems easier to be kinder and more forgiving of another. I think there’s a need to realize everyone (which includes self) struggles, prone to making mistakes and misunderstanding. Thank you for sharing this poem, Dani. Much thoughts.

  16. Beautifully written Dani, and your words speak to all of us, nicely done

  17. A wrong done a wrong forgiven! If we can be the first to forgive others it makes things a lot easier.


  18. If we recognize our mistakes, we can learn from them. My philosophy is that there’s no need to keep beating oneself up over past mistakes if we’ve done all we can to make amends.

  19. Thank you for being so honest, it takes courage. Don’t be so hard on yourself. :) You can always make amends to others and start anew. And yes, there is someone out there listening, your readers for one … and much more :)

  20. This is beautifully written. I especially love the stanza:
    “not even the sighs of the stars can be heard”….so beautiful!

  21. What a beautiful piece. Thank you so much for contributing to Carry on Tuesday

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