if you like cats….

i miss my cat,  Jazz ~ my companion of  17 years.  he was a 19-pound Maine Coon cat,  extremely smart,  sweet,  mischievous,  affectionate  and a large part of  my heart.  i thought i would share some kitties with you.

“Stick With You”   The Pussycat Dolls

i am participating in ~




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8 responses to “if you like cats….

  1. Maine Coons are special cats. I still miss every one of my pets who have passed. The pictures are all adorable, SP! I love that one with the little top hat, don’t you? :-)

  2. I love kitties! So sorry for the loss of your beautiful cat, Dani..those Maine Coon cats are very cool looking. xoxo

    • i was fortunate to have him in my life as long as i did, Gayle. ♥ thanks for stopping by.

      • Oh what wonderful photos Yes beez loves pussy cats so much and I too lost my wonderful buddy GelinitePowder was his name a big black tom regular pussy cat not pedigree who was as volatile as he was soft in personality hence his name lol ;)) thankQ for posting sharing always beez :))

        • Jazz wasn’t pedigree but he was all Maine Coon, whatever his actual parentage. thank you for your visit, my little honey bee! ♥ *hugzzzzzzzzz*

  3. I am sorry for your loss, Dani … i can relate to the sadness after so many years.

    I have a Maine Coon as well named Shady Boudreaux O’Neill … he is the largest of our cats with the softest cry. He is an energy worker, and takes his job very seriously. I saw “follow the leader” yesterday — it is precious!! xoxo

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