“My Blog got Stolen” from @thehungrymouse

the following is a “re-blog”  { as WordPress calls them }  of  a post i read at  NaBloPoMoSoup  at  BlogHer  by the BEST  food blogger there is.  i’ve been following her blog since i first got a computer in 2009.  Jessie  at  The Hungry Mouse  is an amazing,  amazing cook  { i hesitate to call her a “cook” because she is SO good! }  and her food blog is,  hands down,  THE BEST FOOD BLOG in existence.  her photography is stunning,  her recipes are so clearly written that  ANYONE can make even the most complicated dish,  and i can tell you that every single one i have made was the best EVER!  back in 2010 when i could spend a lot of  time on twitter,  i  actually got to know  Jessie  ~ i love being able to say ‘I knew her when’  before she wrote her first cookbook,  and she is as sweet as the desserts she bakes.  recently her blog was stolen…  YES,  STOLEN!  she shares what happened and some ways to prevent it in this post ~

My Blog Got Stolen… And This Is How I Got It Back

“My food blog got hijacked.

Hijacked, like a plane. Like a stagecoach in the Old West.

You heard me right. Hackers stole my domain,  thehungrymouse.com,   and from mid-March to mid-May, I had absolutely no control over it.

I just got it back.

If you haven’t heard of domain theft before, it sounds crazy. After all, domain names are pretty intangible and live in cyberspace. But, domain names are a commodity, and are subject to theft just like other property. That is, if someone can figure out how to pull the rug out from under you.

(In fact,  read about the first ever criminal prosecution for domain name theft here,  which actually also involved my registrar,  Network Solutions.)

It happened to me. It could happen to you.

If you’re a blogger, please pay attention. If you know someone who runs a website, please pass this along. Because I honestly had no idea that this could happen. If I did, I could have prevented it.”…..Read More

thank you,  Jessie,  for sharing your experience and the security tips we can use to prevent our blogs from being stolen!

i am participating in ~


all copyright remains with the author
©Jessie Cross aka The Hungry Mouse



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2 responses to ““My Blog got Stolen” from @thehungrymouse

  1. OMG the theft of one’s blogsite is a terrifying thought, given all the work we put into our blogs. Yikes!

    • the only comfort to me is that Jessie has 200,000 views per month so i don’t think most of us would be a target. {smile} thanks for stopping by, Sherry! ♥

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