mean words #5Lines

words matter
words cut like knives
words linger in our hearts and our psyches

words can hurt more than a physical blow
words can comfort
but words can’t

stay in the
back of  our minds
saying we’re not  normal…     not good enough

pretty enough…   smart enough…   good enough
never enough
when we’re told

by those
who we want
to be our friends
those we want to think we are good enough

even though they’re mean to us…    even though
they are bullies!
as  if  they

my grandson had to be pulled out of  a Boys and Girls Club after-school program when he was barely ten years old because the club administrators wouldn’t do anything about the verbal bullying he was being subjected to.  Apparently they felt it didn’t qualify as bullying because he didn’t go home with physical bruises.  the Boys and Girls Clubs are an excellent organization helping many,  many children across the  United States but,  as with every institution,  each individual club is only as good as the local management.  my personal belief  is that we can comfort and console,  but never truly erase the words which cause hurt.

Cypress Ranch High School Anti-Bullying Lip Dub “Who Do U Think U R?” 

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prompt:  write about bullying
{ verbal bullying is still bullying…   still abuse! }

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in last Sunday’s mini-challenge,   Kerry prompted us to write a tetractys,  a poetic form invented by Ray Stebbing,  which  is a five-line poetry form with a syllable count of  1/2/3/4/10  (total of 20).   tetractys can be written with more than one verse,  but must follow suit with an inverted syllable count.

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38 responses to “mean words #5Lines

  1. Fantastic response to (all) prompts! I totally agree that you can never really erase the damage done by bullying words. I still remember some to this day. Such a shame that your grandson had to experience the ignorance of adults on top of the bullying.

    • at least there was another option for after-school care. i hate to think of all the children who have to continue going to school where they are bullied! thanks for your visit and kind comment. ♥

  2. i am sorry your grandson had to go through that…sadly each organization is only as good as their local management…the mother company though should pay attention to these things…i am glad that bullying is gettting the attention right now…

  3. Yes, indeed, the sting of words can last MUCH longer than a physical blow. Very well expressed. Sad about your grandson and how the leaders wouldn’t do anything about verbal bullying, which IS often the worst kind.

  4. Helen

    I am trying to decide which is more incredible ~ the message and sentiment of your poem or the form you used so beautifully. This is just wonderful!!

  5. There is no easy answer to being bullied. I used to tell my teen who was being bullied by a girl her age to stand up for herself but she’d tell me this girl would grab her wrists and do a Chinese burn on her and such and I pursuaded my teen she was really a LOT stronger than she thought she was and to grab this girls own wrists if she thought she was going to grab hers again. She did, she held the girl and the girl couldn’t break free. In the end she said she had no idea my teen was as strong and from then onward, kept her distance. Thankfully my idea worked, it could have all gone so wrong but, I knew it was something my teen had to sort out for herself. Now, thankfully, no-one bullies her. I hope your grandson isn’t being bullied anymore either.

    • it is a really difficult situation for the child to be subjected to and to figure out how to deal with it. unfortunately, it was a little ‘gang’ of three boys who were bullying my grandson so there wasn’t much he could do. i’m happy to hear that your teen is no longer bullied. ♥ thank you for sharing your experience.

  6. Yes, verbal bullying is bullying . Words cut like knives. So sad about your ten year old grandson. It is great he got pulled out of that situation. I keep saying: I wish every school in North America would show the film Bully and follow it up with an anti bullying workshop.

  7. I love what you are doing with the form. It suits your spacial approach to poetry very much. Your topic is one which is close to every parent’s heart, I am sure. So many victims of bullying go unaided through school, thinking they did something wrong to deserve the abuse. Thank you for this piece. Awareness is key. And shame on those teachers for not taking notice.

  8. words have so much power…they can build and tear down, heal and hurt.. and yep…can cause more harm and hit you more than a physical blow..

    • though far from eliminated, at least more schools are trying to do something about bullying. thank you for your visit, Claudia. ♥

  9. Such a great piece. People need to realize that words can be a weapon, an assault etc. Mean gossip is another form of abuse too. The simple golden rule should be followed and the world would be a better place. It saddens me to read online or on papers the senseless brutality of bullys or mean- just plain ignorant, uncaring people. Glad you shared the links and piece. Hopefully it will help someone in need.

  10. I agree. Words sting and they linger. So sorry about your grandson. Bullying mentally is just as scarring as physically.

    • i was grateful that he told his parents what was going on and didn’t just keep it to himself as so many children seem to do. thank your for your visit and kind comment, Laurie! ♥

  11. I like the poetry form and message ~ I know what you mean about the words that matter and hurts others ~ I am sorry that your grandson had to go through that ~

    Cheers to you ~

  12. Very nice job with the tetractys form, you really nailed it. And a wonderful take on the bullying prompt. It’s so true, physical bruises heal far more quickly than the emotional ones.

  13. margaretbednar

    …and the crux is “we” desire(d) those bullies to be our friends! WHY? I often think it is the scariest thing to do to send them off to school Self-esteem is so very important. Well done poem.

  14. Leo

    at times, i find words to undo pain too. especially when it is a heartfelt apology. or at least heal to a large extent. wonderful words in your poem too, Dani.

  15. ‘Sticks and stones…….’ The old saying. ‘Words can never hurt me’ must have been said by someone unusually tough!

  16. Someone once told me, no one can MAKE you feel a certain way unless you let them, hard words to accept, when words spoken aloud are very powerful, even when you know they are not true, its hard not to let them affect you.

    • and even more difficult for a child ~ i think they can’t help but believe what is said to them. thank you for your visit and comment, Christine. ♥

  17. Hi Dani. Strong write for the bully prompt. I recognize the form from the Toads prompt as well. I have been away so am late on commenting here. I often have trouble getting back into my writing groove after a trip. Look forward to your upcoming Jam prompt as well.

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