·•»∫«•· bad girls… sad girls #5Lines



all sad

girls are bad

girls but all bad

   girls are sad girls…   aren’t they?    toot toot…   beep beep…




“Bad Girls”   Donna Summer   { R.I.P.}

this is my submission to ~

A Mini-Challenge for Sunday      at    imaginary garden with real toads
prompt:  write a Tetractys  { 5 Line poem with a syllable count of  1/2/3/4/10 }

thank you, Kerry!  a new-to-me poetry form!

International Five Line Poetry Month
hosted by  Tina Nguyen at   A wish for the sky…
any 5 line poem    #5Lines

i am also participating in ~




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21 responses to “·•»∫«•· bad girls… sad girls #5Lines

  1. Cleverly written, Dani!

  2. Very clever, well said!

  3. Hi Dani ~ i just wrote about Donna Summer too ~

    Hope all is well ~

  4. YES they are, and I so love this poem that understands girls so well. I also loved your comment on my Bridge of Asses, a related topic, hee hee.

  5. p.s. I especially love it that love found you at 59 and you saying it’s never too late. Cool.

  6. I guess some girls may get a kick out of being bad.

    Great tribute to Donna Summer.

  7. Nice tribute to Donna Summer ! I agree, very clever of you :D

  8. Helen

    Ms. Donna! I loved her … it’s how I manage to crank out 3 miles of power walking ~ Bad Girls, Last Dance, McArthur Park on my IPod. Great work today!

  9. peggygoetz

    Oh dear, almost missed the box for comments here. Good twist in this poem–I like the concise form.

  10. Clever marriage of the form with the song. And I think you are right about those bad girls.

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