fix for WordPress “follow comments” glitch

quick fix for the WordPress  “follow comments”  glitch from Amy at Sharp Little Pencil ~

for the most part,  i am very happy with WordPress.  { i think making everyone go to to see blog stats goes way beyond  acting in their own self-interest to generate traffic  for  i  simply won’t check my stats as often ~ especially since i don’t blog either for the number of  views or for money.  there really is  NO  significance to which post is generating the most views or search terms used to find my blog because the majority come from spam.  how many of  us take the time to check stats against the spam detail to calculate  “real”  numbers? }  i  have enough experience with both to compare WordPress  to  Blogger blogs  { }  and say that i personally  feel  WordPress  is  faaaaar and away the better blogging platform.

one thing i don’t like about WordPress,  Blogger,  Twitter,  Yahoo,  GMail  and pretty much every site out there,  is that they are constantly making  “little”  changes without telling us.  i wasn’t aware that whenever someone is kind enough to leave a comment on my blog,  they now have to manually  ‘uncheck’  the  follow comments  box to avoid receiving unwanted emails with my reply and/or others’ comments.  i  like someone having the option of  receiving my reply via email,  but i  always object when something is automatically chosen for me and  i am made to  “opt out”  if  i don’t want it.  there are apparently only two options now offered by WordPress  ~  either a  follow comments  box which is already checked for you,  or  no  box/option to follow at all.   from this point forward,  if  you want to read my response to your comment,  i guess you’ll have to come back to my blog because  i have removed the  follow comments  box.  if  there is ever anything really important going on in our comment conversation,  i promise i will email you. 

Amy  of  Sharp Little Pencil  shared an easy fix ~

“We have located where that sneaky unemployed blockhead GWB hid the comment box check that has everyone on WordPress steamed.

On your Dashboard, left column, click “Settings.” Under “Settings” menu, click”…..READ MORE

thank you, Amy!

image ~ Ammonite fossil in the gem stone gallery in the caves at Le Souterroscope des Ardoisieres, Normandy
author: William Warby from London, England
this file is licensed under the Creative Commons license

i am participating in ~




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4 responses to “fix for WordPress “follow comments” glitch

  1. I’ve heard that by commenting anywhere, you automatically check a box to donate your organs to Weirdpress honchos if they need them. Seriously.

  2. Thanks for the info! That has been driving me nuts!

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