Ꮡ · my playground · Ꮡ #5Lines

my playground is in my mind

among a forest of  possibilities

a tangled knot of  crimson yarn

unknown to all but me

…never to venture forth…    into reality

· Ꮡ ·

“Brand New Key”   Melanie

this is my submission to ~

Where is Your Forest?   at   POETRY JAM
prompt:   where is your forest?  what lives in your forest?

thank you, Peggy!

The Thursday Think Tank #97     at     Poets United
prompt:   playground

thank you, Ella!

International Five Line Poetry Month
hosted by  Tina Nguyen at   A wish for the sky…
any 5 line poem    #5Lines

Prompt 220    at   One Single Impression
prompt:   crimson

thank you, Geraldine!


i am also participating in ~



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20 responses to “Ꮡ · my playground · Ꮡ #5Lines

  1. Beautiful. There is always a forest of possibilities in one’s mind!

  2. what you cant keep all that to yourself…smiles….let the playground out!

  3. This made me smile…. Sometimes even I do not wish to be inside my head… I so know the feeling…. LOL
    wish I had a brand new pair of roller skates. :)

  4. Dani,
    I love that song and your poem is so beautiful~
    I love that you joined in…you have an amazing playground!
    This is such a wonderful post :D
    Makes me happy~

  5. Strong piece, Dani. I especially like the last line. We build things up in our minds that never really happen, don’t we?

    • thank you, Laurie! ♥ my mother was a “worst case scenario” thinker but i try to stop myself from going down those paths.

  6. And I thought I was hooked on combining prompts…wow! Love this poem, hope you can untangle your yarn to see all the possibilities!

    • {giggle} i do love some prompts! though i am learning not to “force” them in. thank you for stopping by, Mary! ♥ it’s nice to meet another “promptee.”

  7. Helen

    Love, love the way you used a forest of possibilities to describe your mind!

  8. The mind as a forest and playground-I love it! Your first line made me remember an OLD song called “Playground in My Mind” from the 70s. It was pretty awful (the song, not your line!)

  9. peggygoetz

    Love the playground in your mind with the forest of possibilities! I enjoyed reading this very much.

  10. I think that red mind is in need of a little green peace! LOL

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