can i use that image?

Alphonse Mucha

Word Nerd Speaks ~

Anyone who reads me regularly knows how I feel about the practice of right-clicking and saving images from the internet and then using them to pretty up blog posts. I see it happen all too often and it bugs the daylights out of me. Folks who would never swipe a shirt from the mall seem comfortable to “use” the work of photographers and graphic artists. Some justify this by adding a quick sentence such as, “Image courtesy of Google Images.” Here’s the thing: Google Images doesn’t own the images. The same applies to most of the places bloggers find these images–the sites typically do not own the rights to the photos or other artwork. The folks who created them do, and they may or may not be okay with their work being reproduced all over the web. It’s not like you can take that shirt from the mall and then pin on a little note that says, “Shirt courtesy of JC Penney.”

To comply with copyright law, you must receive permission from the copyright holder before you download any content. The exception to this is “fair use.”

To be clear, fair use is a huge exception. The fuzzy definition of fair use can make it very difficult to determine which side…. Read More

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4 responses to “can i use that image?

  1. Julie Catherine

    Great post, Dani – I try to use morguefile photos, which are free to use; or photos with creative commons licence. I do admit though, that I sometimes use goggle images that have no attribution – and often, it’s hard to find the original creator of the photo, which can get frustrating …

  2. I don’t get it. Is this a featured person, or…what?

    I tried to get Mucha’s permission for my post, but he wouldn’t talk to me. In fact, his mandible fell off. Now I feel bad.

    • not a featured person, but a “re-blog” of an article on blogher that i found of interest. ♥ you should feel bad! leave poor Mucha alone! {smile}

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