•Ꮂ• Ꮿ •Ꮂ• my tambourine

• Ꮿ •

•• Ꮿ ••

my tambourine
is magical

my tambourine
a weapon
of  man-destruction

i dance
to seduce

the sound
of  my tambourine
the rhythm

my feet don’t move
’tis all in my hips
swaying in slow circles

of  man-destruction

my tambourine
the back beat
to your heart beat
becoming rapid
as your breath shortens

and desire becomes

a weapon
of  man-destruction

lust for me
…that you will do 
as i play

my tambourine

•Ꮂ• Ꮿ •Ꮂ•

•• Ꮿ ••


“Green Tambourine”   The Lemon Pipers

i am participating in ~


“Green Tambourine” was the primary hit by the 1960s Ohio-based rock group The Lemon Pipers, as well as the title track to their debut-album Green Tambourine. Released towards the end of 1967, it peaked at number one on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 for one week at the start of February, 1968 and earned the group a gold record for over a million copies sold. The record remained on the chart for three months. It was also the first U.S. number-one hit for the Buddah label. The Lemon Pipers would never repeat this success, although “Rice Is Nice” and “Jelly Jungle” did make it onto the charts in 1968.

The song is the story of a street musician pleading for someone to give him money. In exchange, he would play his green tambourine. The song’s instrumentation contains the title tambourine as well as an electric sitar, a frequent signature of the so-called “psychedelic sound.” Another hook is the heavy, psychedelic tape echo applied to the word “play” in each chorus and at the end, fading into a drumroll (“Listen while I play play play play play play/my green tambourine”). The echo is noticeably different in the mono and stereo mixes. The mono version also starts fading out slightly earlier than in the stereo version.



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6 responses to “•Ꮂ• Ꮿ •Ꮂ• my tambourine

  1. Thanks for the background on Green Tambourine! I love that song.

  2. Love the poetry, music, and picture. Thank you, Dani

  3. A tug back into the past ~~ thank you, dani!!

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