·• ∞ •· one tribe {redux}

· ∞ ·

·• ∞ •·

if  we were all one tribe

…..every person the whole world over…..

if  we joined together in song

to greet the rising sun

∞ • ∞

our voices would carry

around the world

and end where the song had begun

·• ∞ •·

• ∞ •

· ∞ ·

originally posted  6 May 2010

i am participating in ~




Filed under NaBloPoMo, National Poetry Month, poetry, Post-A-Day2012, redux, the sun, verse

4 responses to “·• ∞ •· one tribe {redux}

  1. Beautiful words and thoughts! We truly are one tribe, the human race!
    I wish more people saw it that way and sang!

  2. and that is a most beautiful thought…

    and song i would def love to hear….smiles.

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