¤ » ☼ « ¤ the effect of gamma rays {redux}


I am the  SUN

  not alive
and yet…   not dead

I have been
for billions of  years

  I will be
for billions of  years more

I am the  SUN
also known as  SOL
by the inhabitants
of  the third planet out
Earth as they call it

I am formed
of  a magical substance
that provides all light
and warmth to Earth

would exist there
without Me

some worship Me
…I do not care

  some study Me
…but they do not know

if  you were to ask Me
what do I feel?

  I would not say proud

  I would say…     fulfilled
for what more could I want
than to give Life?

I  do not tire
though I never rest

  I am…
therefore Life is

  a grave responsibility
that gives Me reason to be

I am the  SUN

  not alive
and yet…   not dead

  I am needed

  and that sustains Me

¤ » ☼ « ¤

originally posted  26 June 2011

many thanks to    Adam Romanowicz    {  @3scapephotos  }  for the use of  his stunning  photograph.   visit his website    3SCAPE PHOTOS  HERE    or    his blog  HERE.

i am participating in ~




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6 responses to “¤ » ☼ « ¤ the effect of gamma rays {redux}

  1. Beautiful. I totally love it. I was drawn in by your title:)

    • i don’t know if you remember, Adam. but the photograph was originally provided as a prompt inspiration for One Shoot Sunday at One Shoot Poetry. it’s a fabulous photograph!!! thank you!

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