Ꮂ •Ꮗ• Ꮂ fallen angel {élargi} {redux}


• Ꮗ •

i  recognized him as a fallen angel
from the singed tips
of his still smoking wings,
a broken halo
lying on the ground

• Ꮗ •

the angel turned his head
i  could see the anguish in his eyes
no need for words to be spoken
nothing  i could do to help
his banishment was final

• Ꮗ •

ah,  my love,  my fallen angel
i wish that i could heal
your wounded heart
what sin did you commit,  i wonder
to be exiled from Heaven?

• Ꮗ •

did you realize
you were standing at the crossroads?
was this your solitary crime?
or had you been warned not to continue
along  your path to self-destruction?

• Ꮗ •

i  hear your silent lament
your wretched soul
looking for salvation
too late….     too late….
your banishment was final

• Ꮗ •

ah,  my love,  my fallen angel
if  it were within my power
to gift you with innocence
would you so desire?
flying straight to Heaven
without a thought
for mankind?

• Ꮗ •

  mayhap a truer gift
would be a life
here on Earth
with me

Ꮂ • Ꮗ • Ꮂ

• Ꮗ •


this song has nothing to do with the poem.  it is a Christmas song which i enjoy listening to ~ i hope you will like it,  too.

“Carol of the Bells”  Barlow Girl   [a cappella]

the first three verses were originally posted 22 December 2010 and the remainder was written for the posting  21 December 2011

i am participating in ~




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8 responses to “Ꮂ •Ꮗ• Ꮂ fallen angel {élargi} {redux}

  1. of course i was singing Poison’s fallen angel as i read…smiles.

  2. Aya

    Reblogged this on ayaabdelaziz1poetry and commented:
    Awesome! :)

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