it’s not too late! celebrate Earth Day ~ Sunday 22 April 2012

celebrate Earth Day

Sunday   22 April 2012


it’s not too late for Earth Day activities with your kids

  1. Earth Day Tote Make-It Take-It  at  Michaels Stores  April 22nd,  1pm – 3pm.  decorate a trendy tote for Earth Day ~ ages 3 and up.   while supplies last.
  2. take a hike
  3. go to the zoo or an aquarium
  4. plant something
  5. make a  special meal
  6. build a bird feeder with recycled materials ~ or ~ create a pinecone feeder  by coating the pinecone or a twig with peanut butter,  roll it in wild birdseed,  then hang it from a tree branch
  7. make a game out of  recycling & make crafts ~ or ~ play online games
  8. sewing crafts reusing old clothes ~ make a pillow from an old t-shirt ~ or ~ make sock puppets
  9. play in the dark
  10. make a working solar oven
  11. Earth Day crafts for kids  from The Huffington Post


Earth Day freebies & more ~

  1. Target   is giving away one free reusable shopping bag per shopper Sunday April 22nd only {visit the Guest Service desk to claim yours}
  2. get four different designs of  Kellog’s reusable shopping bags {product purchase required}
  3. FREE Origins Skin Cleanser From Origins ~  details  HERE
  4. FREE  admission to ALL National Parks ~ April 21st through April 29th  plus  June 9th
  5. pick up a  FREE  packet of  sunflower seeds {to plant} on April 22nd from  Pottery Barn Kids
  6. 20% off  of  select toys and games at Barnes & Noble ~ in-store or   online  { FREE shipping on orders of  $25 or more}
  7. bring 5 plastic shopping bags to a Disney Store to be recycled April 22nd and receive a FREE reusable shopping bag.  *While supplies last.  Limited quantities.  See store for details.
  8. FREE coffee on Earth Day April 22nd  with your reusable mug at  Caribou Coffee
  9. Starbucks begins giving away used coffee grounds to gardeners around this time of year,  so be on the lookout for that sustainable perk
  10. 7 Eco-Friendly Tips You Can Practice With HuffPost Green
  11. 8 crazy things  &   more things   you can compost  and  The Huffington Post  “Cheat Sheet”  guide for how to start composting
  12. simple tips to go green  ~ room by room in your house  { sponsored by Proctor & Gamble }
  13. need help finding a recycling center for appliances to automobiles;  batteries to electronics;  oil to tires and everything inbetween?     click HERE to find the right recycling centers near you.


i am participating in ~



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