·Ꮫ· say you will ·Ꮫ· {redux}



slake your thirst

drink my ambrosia


feed your hunger

partake of me

all i ask in return

is to do the same to you

my thirst is


my hunger

knows no bounds


just let go

lose all control

let your desires reign

fires of passion

unlike any you have known

pleasure on the verge of pain

will lead you

to ecstasy beyond imagination

come to me

and you will never need

come to me

and you will never leave

• Ꮫ •

“Say You Will”    Kanye West

my poem is inspired by the song,    “Say You Will”  by Kanye West.  particularly these lines ~

“When I grab your neck
 I touch your soul.
 Take off  your cool
 Then lose control.”

originally posted 23 June 2011

i am participating in ~




Filed under lust, music, NaBloPoMo, poetry, Post-A-Day2012, sensual

6 responses to “·Ꮫ· say you will ·Ꮫ· {redux}

  1. kellifrog

    This is seriously hot!

  2. Beautiful and reflective! This is a wonderful way to live~
    Well Done :D

  3. Dani, I love the last stanza!

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