A to Z Challenge ~ “K” kill Bill ぁ∙あ∙ぁ

I’m gonna kill Bill at 4:52.


Because he deserves it.

No,  I meant why 4:52?

‘Cause I wanna get home in time for  ‘Wheel of  Fortune.’

Yah,  that Vanna White’s really something,  isn’t she?

Nah,  she’s too skinny.

I liked it better when she turned the letters.

It doesn’t seem like they even need her any more ~ they could just use digital letters.

You mean like Gollum or Jar Jar Binks?

No man,  that’s CGI ~ I mean digitally,  like a clock.

I miss the hands.

Did Vanna lose her hands?

{chuckle}  The hands on a clock.

Digital’s easier to read.  Especially the one’s that light up at night.
What time is it?


I gotta go kill Bill.

Good luck with that.

∙ぁ ∙あ∙ぁ∙

“Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood”   Instrumental

i am participating in ~




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12 responses to “A to Z Challenge ~ “K” kill Bill ぁ∙あ∙ぁ

  1. Vanna White? She has been around a while. I know my dad used to like her, and he has been deceased a while. She must be getting up in years. And she IS so very skinny indeed.

  2. moondustwriter

    Ha very nicely done K
    sadly it took to K to figure out you were doing A to Z
    Thanks so much for the sweet comment the other day for my daughters’ doggie – hardest part has been not being there to hold her

    Hugs for a dear and talented poet

  3. ha…fun is def good…we should write for fun more often…and most def can not miss Wheel you know…smiles…

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