/ heart shaped box / / {redux}

Ruth Bernhard  1962


you put me in this box

hoping what?

that you could keep me to yourself?

that you could subdue me into loving you?

that i would suffocate and die?


don’t you realize you can’t hold me this tight?

my resolve will only deepen

i will pull further away

…..pull harder

pull longer


you have to release me

one way or another

for i am stronger than you think

there is nothing you can force me to do


you do not have the power

to berate me

to degrade me

to enslave me


you cannot take my heart

for i am not willing to give it

you cannot damage my soul

for i will not let you touch it


it is your soul

in this box made of  your evil thoughts

fouled beyond salvation

thinking you are in control

thinking my life is in your hands

you can kill nothing

but this body









you will only destroy yourself

for my memory will forever be in your mind

haunting each and every little thought

filling them with curses

which are only the truth

about you…..

hell will seem like paradise

by the time i’ve finished with you


“Heart Shaped Box”  Nirvana   /   wiamthisisme


originally posted 9 August 2011


i am also participating in ~


NaBloPoMo Soup




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