featured poet ~ Lydia Ondrusek @littlefluffycat {redux}

originally posted 27 April 2011

i met Lydia Ondrusek on twitter in late 2009  {  @littlefluffycat  } the first things i learned about her are that she is wise and kind and makes a terrific cat. then i learned that she is also a wonderful writer of  prose and poetry.  She has a small blog that she doesn’t call a blog because she really doesn’t blog. she calls it a bibliography for her work as it provides the sites where she has published works. She has added a page called Twitter Haiku, which is literally that ~ haiku which she has tweeted. she has written the first two in the  King of the Marshmallows series of  children’s books about children with Asperger’s Syndrome ~     “Ready!”     and    “Block!”   i have seen her bio given as Lydia Ondrusek  is a long-married mother of two engaged in writing her way out of a paper bag.”   despite not having a conventional blog, it’s worth the time to search out her work. if  you don’t believe me, just check out these pieces ~


“Pebbles”    by     Lydia Ondrusek

Every­thing, every­where, a memorial

seen from the cor­ner of my eye;

a puz­zle piece, a part of a

recon­struc­tion, a memory

A mes­…..Read More



Twitter haiku    by      Lydia Ondrusek

Wisdom is not a

function of ag…..Read More



The Haberdasher     by     Lydia Ondrusek

He takes the hatband off,
unspools a Mississippi of black grosgrain;
too long alone in the dim back room, he talks.

Tells about learning to make hats, sh…..Read More

via      DEEP SOUTH magazine


Hysterical  {non-fiction}    by     Lydia Ondrusek

The voice from the other side of the sheet over my legs is matter-of-fact.  “I think you need a hysterectomy…”

It’s amazing what the brain does at times like that…especially when you’re naked from the waist down in front of a person you knew not at all less than an hour ago.  My voice is steady.  “I do, huh?”

No crying.  No screaming.  No “why do I GO to the doctor, they always want something removed…”—which is, truth to tell, running exasperatedly through my brain.   But y…..Read More

via     gather


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