·•Ꮽ• Ꮗ •· my cactus flower ·• Ꮗ •Ꮾ•·

• Ꮗ •

has there ever been
a blossom…
a flower…
a bloom…
such as this?


my sensuous cactus flower

i breathe in
the delicate scent
like wine
drunk too fast

a primal urge
to seduce…
or succumb…
either will do

too fragile
to touch
except with
warm breath…
or tip of  tongue…
or ever-so-lightly
with fingertip


my beautiful cactus flower

·•Ꮽ• Ꮗ •Ꮾ•·

• Ꮗ •

• Ꮗ •

“Born to Run”   Bruce SPRINGsteen

i would like to thank  Ainsley Allmark for so generously allowing me the use of  his gorgeous photograph.   his poem posted on 22 November 2011 along with this photograph was a gogyohka ~

he thought
I was

to see more of Ainsley’s stunning photographs and amazing poetry, please visit his blogs at  Dolphin Ainsley,   Dolphin MuseDolphin Visions,  and DolphinDancer’s twitpic photostream  or click on any of  the other  Dolphin listings in the blogrolls at the bottom of  this page.

this is part of  my celebrate spring with flowers mini-series

click  HERE  to learn more about Schlumbergera  {cactus flowers}

this is my submission to ~

Connections    at   POETRY JAM
prompt:   Write about connections

{ i chose the sensual connection between humans and flowers }

thank you, Mary!

Writing in the Second Person    at    liv2write2day’s Blog
prompt:    write in the second person

thank you, Victoria!

Prompt 212    at   One Single Impression
prompt:   Miracle
{ i think every flower is a miracle }

thank you, Geraldine!

i am also participating in ~

NaBloPoMo Soup

all copyright remains with original authors



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14 responses to “·•Ꮽ• Ꮗ •· my cactus flower ·• Ꮗ •Ꮾ•·

  1. I love cacti (of course, here I am in the desert) and, as you know, you have to see the desert in bloom to realize how beautiful it can be. This year has been so dry…not sure there will be many wildflowers. Thanks for sharing this. Hope you don’t mind if I add the link to my blog. Victoria

    • this cactus was actually bred in the U.K., but any cactus flower is gorgeous! almost as if to make up for the cactus being so prickly. {smile} i planned on linking up to your prompt post {LOVED it!} but pre-scheduled my post to publish and hadn’t been back to link in. thank you, Victoria! i really appreciate you wanting to link it in. ♥♥♥

  2. Just beautiful, Dani. Sensual indeed. I agree there is a connection between people and flowers. I have seen cacti bloom in the desert as well. Nothing more beautiful, as the blooms don’t last long so one really has to drink in the beauty while it lasts. I liked the caring way you addressed YOUR special cactus flower.

  3. Very beautiful picture – both in photo and in words, of a magnificent flower!

  4. peggygoetz

    Cactus blooms are so exotic and lovely. Amazing things to appear on such prickly plants.

  5. Thanks for the link to the information about the cactus flowers. :) Another connection made…

  6. …too fragile to touch

    I didn’t know that! One would think a cactus would have a tough little flower! :)

    • i have never actually seen this particular cactus flower, but it certainly looks fragile, don’t you think? there are some which are as prickly as the cactus. {smile} and then there’s the prickly pear whose fruit is so good that havelinas {wild pigs, of a sort} will dare the spines of the cactus to get at the fruit. thank you for your visit, Margaret! ♥

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