featured poet ~ Joanne Marie Firth {redux} @JoanneMFirth

originally posted 1 April 2011

the first thing i should tell you about Joanne Marie Firth  { @JoanneMFirth }  is that she is my “bestie” girl friend. we met on twitter toward the end of  2010.  she lives across the country, we’ve never been face-to-face {yet} but she is like a sister to me. i have the utmost respect for her as a woman, mother, human being….  she has been writing since she was young and i must say that her talent is a level far beyond the reach of most. when you go to her blog, don’t miss her additional page of Haiku…a few less words than usual ~ she is also an artist and you will see a little of  her artwork there, too. this is her favorite poem {and i think mine.} she is the Lioness ~ strong, regal, fiercely protective of  those she loves. oh, yes, she’s also a bad ass. but a bad ass with a heart of  pure gold.


“Her Mane”   by    Joanne Marie Firth  {the Lioness}

The lioness

her mane

thinning now

quietly exiting

shaft by curly shaft

Her mane

ever dominant

ever loved

her  private curtain

to hide behind

to wind…..Read More

via    Words just words


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4 responses to “featured poet ~ Joanne Marie Firth {redux} @JoanneMFirth

  1. Dani when you shine your light at someone they positively glow

    and I know exactly what you mean when you call Joanne sister
    she is mine too ♥

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