featured poet ~ Becky Sain @beckysain {redux}

originally posted 3 April 2011

Becky Sain  {  @beckysain  }   holds a special place in my heart for a number of  reasons. she was the first person i ever talked to on twitter, the first friend i made on twitter, the first writer i ever met, she added me to her “cool girls” list and she sent me Mickey Mouse ears. through Becky, i was introduced to and began following writers, poets, photographers and artists which led directly to me writing, as well as making many new friends. i had never written anything before and tweeted my first haiku in January 2010. in her own right, Becky is one of ~ if not THE ~ most talented writers i know. on her blog, First Pages, she writes about her life, her family, life in general, families in general, poetry and short stories. her writing is always evocative ~ i am drawn in as though actually standing with her in her tales of  her life. her poetry touches a place deep inside of  me and moves me greatly. she doesn’t think she’s a “real” poet.  i know you’ll disagree.  her short fiction can be found HERE. be sure to take a look around while you’re at her blog. you’ll enjoy it. i promise.


“Pieces of  Me”    by    Becky Sain

Pieces of me are scattered around,

jumbled on the mind like a puzzle strown across a hardwood floor on a cold winter night…

everyone gathers to piece it together,

everyone grabs a piece and they know exactly where it goes,

everyone sees the end result and how to get there and how beautiful it will be when it’s complete.

Pieces of me I don’t recognize,

like the…..Read More

via    First Pages


“A Candle”   by    Becky Sain

A candle never loses anything by lighting another candle,

but what if it needed oxygen to glow?

What if it needed the light of others to glow?

Would you walk away…..Read More

keep reading when you finish “A Candle” ~ the entire page is poetry.

via   First Pages ~ Scattered Poetry …sorta.


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