(inter)national poetry month ~ April 2012 get a head start

(inter)national poetry month ~ April 2012

would you like a free pdf  of  the above poster?  or even a free poster?  you can put this beautiful poster in your blog sidebar through the end of  April to support Poetry Month; or on individual posts which you do during the month of  April.

(inter)national poetry month is sponsored by poets.org and they are offering the above poster as a free pdf  {or a free poster as long as the supply lasts ~ so teachers and shop owners who support poetry should rush over before they run out!}  just go to  poets.org  HERE!

are you interested in doing something to celebrate Poetry Month?  below are a few resources i found:



the sponsors of  Poetry Month have suggestions for what you can do in April ~ on your blog or tweeting or writing by hand ~  click  HERE  to see what they offer including A-Poem-A-Day emails and an app for iPhones.


Poets.org ~ Poem In Your Pocket Day
26 April 2012

click  HERE   to get all of  the information about Poem In Your Pocket Day ~ you can literally write a poem on a piece of  paper and put it in your pocket;  write a poem on your cell phone;  tweet a poem using the hashtag #pocketpoem; text a poem ~ the idea is to share a poem throughout the day ~ it doesn’t even have to be one YOU wrote ~ you can use your favorite poem by someone else.


The Heights of  Haiku

Leo at  Haiku Heights  will be hosting his third annual “The Heights of  Haiku” challenge  ~ the premise being to post a haiku or senryu every day in April {or as often as you can.}   click   HERE   for the information and to register.  Leo provides daily prompts and you can link in your poems at Haiku Heights.


A to Z  April Challenge 2012

while not strictly a poetry challenge, {poets have participated in the past and they welcome poets} for 26 of  the 30 days in April, this challenge is to write a blog post {or poem} with the subject beginning with a letter of  the alphabet  {from A to Z} which allows you for Sundays off  and the freedom to select your own subject/topic.  click  HERE  to get the info about signing up, what letters are scheduled for what dates AND they have lots of  really cool badges to choose from, many of  them animated like the one below.  get creative and combine The Heights of  Haiku prompts with this challenge’s A to Z’s.


that’s all i have for now, but i will put up a post if  i learn of  any other activities ~ if  you know of  more or are hosting one yourself,  please let me know in the comments below.

NaBloPoMo Soup



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6 responses to “(inter)national poetry month ~ April 2012 get a head start

  1. Arlee Bird

    Thanks for mentioning the A to Z Challenge I’ll be linking to this post on the next Sunday Summary at the A to Z Blog.

    An A to Z Co-Host
    Tossing It Out
    Twitter: @AprilA2Z
    Please vote for your favorite A to Z Video

  2. i will say last april really propelled my poetry, teaming up with ami mattison, hedgewitch and shay…to post a poem a day…we thought briefly about trying to do it at dverse but decided not to…but will be prob looking for a few to run with again this year…

    • i tried to do the featured poet every day last year and only made it through twenty-something so i’m just going to do as many as i can…. {smile} as far as poems, well, that will be more hit and miss, i’m sure.

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