a change of seasons

i thought i would lighten and brighten my blog for spring and summer…     but doing the avatar, the header and the background with pink hibiscus was too bright and too much pink, so i returned the background to the red hibiscus at night {which is mostly just night.}  i will bring back the red hibiscus in the autumn.

please feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you think about the new look if you’d like.  i also cut back on the number of  posts per page and deleted most of  the widgets in the right side bar…   both meant to make loading my blog faster when you come by.  all of  the wonderful badges from the sites where i participate in one form or another are still at the bottom of  the page along with the blogrolls.



“Changes”    David Bowie



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14 responses to “a change of seasons

  1. I like the pink! *snicker!*

  2. It looks nice. I think I liked the other color scheme better but that’s just preference.

    • i’ll definitely be going back to the red and black in the autumn ~ maybe sooner. {smile} thanks for your feedback, Richard. i appreciate it.

  3. Your blog looks fresh and beautiful. I love the new look. xo

  4. I think it works dani ♥ bright ~ whatever colour ~ for Spring and Summer is good ♥

  5. i rather like the bright spring like colors…

    • i’m still getting used to it, but it’s much better now that i changed the background back to what it was ~ THAT was just too bright! {you know i don’t see daylight very often. or, i guess maybe YOU don’t know, but i really don’t.} {giggle}

  6. Looks very pretty, nicely done :-)

  7. I didn’t see you blog before but I really like the way it looks now :) Good job!

    Nikki – inspire nordic

    • thank you for your visit and taking the time to let me know what you think. {smile} it’s nice to meet you, Nikki. my ex-husband is a Neset and his parents/family were all from Norway. i will enjoy the glimpses of Oslo you give on your blog! ♥

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