Ꮫ•Ꮗ•Ꮫ lost in the mist Ꮫ•Ꮗ•Ꮫ {redux}

• Ꮗ •

lost in the mist

i cannot see which way to go

• Ꮗ •

silence echoes in my mind

so loudly i can’t think

• Ꮗ •

time seems to hesitate

unsure of  when to move

• Ꮗ •

despair and confusion

wrap themselves around me

• Ꮗ •

i do not struggle in their grasp

for this is where i should be

cloaked within the mist

Ꮫ  •Ꮗ•  Ꮫ

• Ꮗ •

Instrumental music with flute   (one minute)

photograph  courtesy of  Ainsley Allmark {thank you so much!}  the gogyohka he wrote to accompany the photograph is ~

in the clouds
in the clouds
surrounded by the mysteries

please visit Ainsley at his poetry and photography blogs ~  Dolphin MuseDolphin VisionsDolphin Ainsley and DolphinDancer’s twitpic photostream.

i have slightly altered this poem from the original so as to have 55 words exactly. i first posted this poem on 8 Feb 2011  HERE,  but it was actually my response poem to a photograph by Meghan E. Hunt in SPARK 10.

this is my submission to ~

Friday Flash 55   see the   G-Man  at  Mr. KnowItAll
flash fiction 55     thanks, G-Man!

i am also participating in ~

NaBloPoMo Soup



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6 responses to “Ꮫ•Ꮗ•Ꮫ lost in the mist Ꮫ•Ꮗ•Ꮫ {redux}

  1. Dani Dearest…
    Even though your view is misty, your writing
    is clear as a bell!
    I loved this 55, it was new to me
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

  2. Indeed, sometimes time DOES seem to hesitate…and so true that this can happen easier on hazy days! I like this write very much.

  3. Unsettling piece. Well done.

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