∙∙⋩••⌘••⋨∙∙ imagination #FMHCD20



•• imagination ••

an elusive illusion

of  reality




this is my submission to ~


The Haiku Challenge   at   Few Miles
Day 20  prompt:    Use all or part of  the quote ~

“Live out of your imagination, not your history.”

thank you Someone is Special for hosting the challenge!


Prompt #107   at   Haiku Heights
prompt:    illusion

thank you, Leo!


In Tandem #11
prompt:  the image above by  Penny Smith Alias Jinksy   at   In Tandem
{stunning, Jinksy! thank you for sharing.}



i am also participating in ~


NaBloPoMo Soup







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24 responses to “∙∙⋩••⌘••⋨∙∙ imagination #FMHCD20

  1. VERY nice, Dani … thank you for sharing your perspective. You know I ALWAYS enjoy my visits. xoxo
    Here is my Day 20.

  2. I read this and paused for a moment to comprehend it. And when I grasped its depth, I was in awe!

  3. Lovely haiku. You used the theme very well. Love the way you write and make your lay-out.


  4. “an illusive illusion” perhaps. Food for thought – nicely done. Thank you

  5. There is a very deep thought here. Well done.

  6. Reading this one makes me feel as though I’ve tumbled down Alice’s rabbit hole! :)

    Imagine Pigeon Pie or Imagine Corn Soup Simmering

  7. Nice play on words…I like it ~

  8. A beautiful definition in the form of haiku

  9. true dani… Loved your take..

  10. Thank God for imagination. It can provide so much creativity and escape from the real world. Lovely haiku here.

  11. Loved that. Imagination is so powerful.

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