∙ᶮ ◦₰◦ ᶯ∙ three seasons #FMHCD19 {Expanded}

soft haze dancing by…
swirling through treetops…      playing
with the wind…       laughing

{kigo ~  haze = spring}

∙ ᶮ ◦₰◦ ᶯ ∙

water falling down
caressing…     kissing…     reading
Earth’s tales of  times past

{kigo ~  waterfall = summer}

∙ ᶮ ◦₰◦ ᶯ ∙

moon rises…       sun sets…
 sun rises…     moon sets…     endless
passing of  the days

{kigo ~  moon = autumn}

∙ ᶮ ◦₰◦ ᶯ ∙


is not a building

is where you go
when you need to feel safe

∙ ᶮ ◦₰◦ ᶯ ∙



even amid the spines

desert cactus in bloom


∙ ᶮ ◦₰◦ ᶯ ∙

i have revised the third haiku above and added the two poems below the haiku  for the prompts as listed, but needed to keep them all in this post as i had already linked this post at all of  the prompt sites. i hope it’s not too confusing.

the set of  three haiku at the top are my submission to ~

Old Pond a Frog Leaps In    at    imaginary garden with real toads
prompt:    write a set of  fixed-form haiku
with    kireji  {punctuation}   and   kigo  {word or phrase associated with a season}

thank you, Grace!

the set of  three haiku at the top are my submission to ~

The Haiku Challenge   at   Few Miles
Day 19   prompt:    Theme:  Seasons Type:
Kigo {word or phrase associated with a season}

thank you Someone is Special for hosting the challenge!

the set of  three haiku at the top are my submission to ~

The Sunday Challenge    at    imaginary garden with real toads
prompt:     first (top) image by   Mary Ann Potter

and fourth image {derelict house}  by  Mary Ann Potter is for the Poets United poem ‘home’

thank you, Kerry!

my  poem ‘home’ is my submission to ~

The Thursday Think Tank #84     at     Poets United
prompt:   write about your home or what home means to you

thank you, Ella!

my poem ‘beauty’ is my submission to ~

Have You Seen a Miracle Lately?    at   POETRY JAM
prompt:    write a poem about a miracle you’ve witnessed

thank you, Chris!

i am also participating in ~

NaBloPoMo Soup



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22 responses to “∙ᶮ ◦₰◦ ᶯ∙ three seasons #FMHCD19 {Expanded}

  1. What lovely haiku. I enjoyed each of them!

  2. I so love the idea of water “reading Earth’s tales.” What a delightful image! I’m so glad I stopped by this morning. You just made my day! :)


  3. I loved the first two! Oh what a delight to read them! :) <3

  4. So beautiful…..
    And such a wonderful blog as well……

    Collage Pirate

  5. Very nice haiku set…

  6. Thanks so much for your lovely response to my photograph! Walking along that woodsy path that winds by our creek is a special delight as is your poetry! I walk that path every day with my dog, and today a little dusting of snow made it even nicer!

  7. This is a really beautiful set of Haiku and images dani ♥
    Thank you for sharing ♥

  8. I want to play with the wind ~ start kissing the water and pass the day dani..

  9. Beautiful photos, beautiful poems. I do thank you for ‘jamming’ with us over at Poetry Jam,. Life is miraculous indeed.

  10. I think a blooming cactus is a perfect miracle!

  11. That is quite a lot to cram into one post.

    Your haiku set is very nicely composed, image-wise. I believe you are utilizing the ellipsis in place of a cutting word? If so, there are too many for this specific exercise! It should be the turning point that hinges your juxtaposed images.

    I really enjoyed your use of traditional kigo, but the repetitive nature of the third verse made it seem watered-down; perhaps not quite as sharp as it could have been. I believe if you had not attempted to fit the set to several challenges, it would have served your verses better.

    Of course, I am often mistaken, but the jumble of this post suggests this was the case.

    I look forward to your next link-up! Thank you for contributing.

    • you are completely correct, Grace! i had already linked in everywhere when i decided to write an entirely new third haiku, so i used the other prompts in separate poems. {they aren’t very good either.} {smile} i’ve never put multiple poems which are unrelated in one post before. rather too much, i know.

      i struggle with the cutting word {obviously} and am really not comfortable with kigo or the traditional seasonal haiku ~ i need a lot of practice. almost everything i write in 5/7/5 is really senryu rather than haiku, but i enjoyed trying and your post was wonderful! thank you! ♥

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