•Ꮄ• Ꭴ •Ꮄ• aplenty •Ꮄ• Ꭴ •Ꮄ• #FMHCD18

no dearth of  food here

…bright and shiny…      we pretend

no one goes without

•Ꮄ• Ꭴ •Ꮄ•

this is my submission to ~

The Haiku Challenge   at   Few Miles
Day 18   prompt:    famine

thank you Someone is Special for hosting the challenge!

i am also participating in ~

NaBloPoMo Soup



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12 responses to “•Ꮄ• Ꭴ •Ꮄ• aplenty •Ꮄ• Ꭴ •Ꮄ• #FMHCD18

  1. Pretense is sometimes easier than facing up to reality…

    A Famine of Ink

  2. We can pretend, can we…but the reality is there is famine in other parts of the world….nice take on this prompt ~

  3. Gem of truth – mixed with powerful message!

  4. You really nailed this one!

  5. your haiku shines a lot dani..

  6. whatever. where’s MINE??? :-P

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