• Ꭷ • § •• be true •• § • Ꭷ • #FMHCD8




fan at the ready,

to hide uncalled-for blushes…

praying he won’t see.


he’d said “all i ask

is for you to remain true.”

she, artless, agreed.


then came a night when

she heeded the Devil’s call.

oh! what had she done?


fan no help at all…

her guilty eyes all but scream

“yes! i was untrue!”


this night has demands

  for confessions, rage and tears…

what of  forgiveness?


will he realize

he courted betrayal when

he called for her vow?


for faithful she may

ever have been had he not

planted that dark seed.

••Ꭷ•• § ••Ꭷ••




“Midnight in Paris”   Guitar Instrumental




this is my submission to ~


The Haiku Challenge   at   Few Miles
Day 8  prompt:    use all or part of “This Above All, To Thine Own Self Be True

thank you Someone is Special for hosting the challenge!


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NaBloPoMo Soup







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26 responses to “• Ꭷ • § •• be true •• § • Ꭷ • #FMHCD8

  1. You always come up with very powerful lines!

  2. Nice tale of temptation, confession and love gone awry ~

    Great to see you in HC ~

    • always lovely to see you, Grace. ♥ i’ve been wanting to write something to go with this Klimt painting for a long time and this just seemed to fit. {smile}

  3. hedgewitch

    Yes, we often create those sort of self-fulfilling prophecies–an astute little poem, dani.

  4. ugh..i think she’s a bit unfair…ok she fell, but then it would only be fair to take over responsibility for her actions…just saying…but very well written dani

  5. No words … Powerful…

    Someone is Special

  6. Nice write here, calling up a time of gentler manners. It does seem odd as others say, for her to blame him. Even today a promise is a promise. Without that and the bond it forges many societies will fall apart.

    • i see how and why everyone is reading this as though it all is coming from the heroine/villainess, however, in my mind the verses on the left are discussing the present, the verses on the right are about the past and the verses in the center are about the present, but from an outsider’s perspective. i completely believe in and agree that anyone in a committed relationship has NO excuse to stray. NONE! i also believe that if we focus on our fears, they often come true. thank you for your visit and thoughtful comment, Chazz. {smile}

  7. Ahh, temptation and the torrid affair! Great job, dani! ♥

  8. or is she just looking for some justification for doing what she wanted any way…ha…see temptation def has more than one side…and there are few real vicitms…

  9. Lovely, sad, but, true.
    Thanks for visiting me and the lovely comment too. :)

  10. Gorgeous, powerful piece!

  11. so, it’s his fault, correct? (smiles)

  12. I commend your drawing attention to women with HIV…I was nurse manager of an HIV unit in San Francisco in the early 90’s and became so aware of the number of women who are infected…many unknowingly.

  13. asking someone to reamin true is sometimes too much

    elephant slave

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