∙ ɿ• ¶ •ɾ ∙ plop… fizz… #FMHCD6

• ¶ •

i’m grateful



∙ ɿ•ɾ ∙

oh, what a relief

not to have to think about

adding two plus two

∙ ɿ• ¶ •ɾ ∙

∙ ɿ•ɾ ∙


do you need a little relief  today?

click  HERE  for a youtube playlist of  early Beatles love songs



“Oh, what a relief  it is”    Speedy Alka Seltzer

this is my submission to ~

The Haiku Challenge   at   Few Miles
Day 6  prompt:    a haiku & a pi-ku   theme:   think

thank you Someone is Special for hosting the challenge!

Sensational Haiku Wednesday #137    at   You know…that Blog?
prompt:    Relief

i am also participating in ~

NaBloPoMo Soup



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20 responses to “∙ ɿ• ¶ •ɾ ∙ plop… fizz… #FMHCD6

  1. I think calculators are one of the world’s great inventions! :)

    If Cacti Could Think

  2. You said it, Sista Poet! And that old Speedy commercial is a crack up.

    There’s one number you need to try to puzzle out, though… my phone number! ;-)

  3. Love that commercial from so long ago, and love your Haiku and Pi-Ku!

  4. every one is Dani..Loved your take and Pi-ku..

    Someone is Special

  5. I couldn’t get along without my calculator! I remember that commercial! LOL

  6. Ria

    I annoy people at work by rarely if ever using one.

  7. Fun haiku ~ great visuals ~ namaste,carol (A Creative Harbor)

  8. any kind of math… not just 2+2 :)

  9. The SECOND I saw the first image I started singing “Plop plop, fizz fizz… oh what a relief it is!” Too funny.

    Great haiku, and thanks for making me smile!

  10. This is a great artistic haiku, well done. Loved reading it.

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