⦿⋅ look at things differently ⋅⦿ #aros




small stones

focus one’s attention

inviting you

to look at things differently

⋅ ⦿ ⋅

as if  seeing the world

through a child’s eyes

for the very first time

⋅ ⦿ ⋅

i see green grass

in the winter


at the leaves in the trees

as if  to say

isn’t it fun to be here!

⋅≀ ⦿ ≀⋅




“Joy to the World”   Three Dog Night




i am participating in ~


#aros   a river of  stones








Filed under #aros, micropoetry, NaBloPoMo, poetry

4 responses to “⦿⋅ look at things differently ⋅⦿ #aros

  1. Leo

    I like that wonderful image that my mind sees, the grass waving to the leaves! Beautifully written, Dani.

    Btw, just coz the word “haiku” has gone out of the title, doesn’t mean the form has to recede from your blog too, right? :)

  2. dani, I loved this.. love to read your take for prompts on day 1 and two.. I will reply to your mail at the earliest..

    Someone is Special

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