• Ꮸ • craving • Ꮸ • #aros

bright red
the color of  desire

so tantalizing
just a little plump
inviting you to squeeze

so juicy,  it practically begs you
to lick…   to nibble…   to suck…

bite into it whole…
let the juices run down your lips…
your chin…     your fingers…

oh…  the temptation to eat another…..

but not at $2.99 per pound!

“Constant Craving”   k d lang 




this is my submission to the G-Man {smile} ~

Friday Flash 55    see the   G-Man  at  Mr. KnowItAll
flash fiction 55



i am participating in ~


#aros   a river of  stones








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8 responses to “• Ꮸ • craving • Ꮸ • #aros

  1. Dani…?
    A little Ode to the Nightshade Eh?
    I’m a sucker for juices dripping down my face as well!!
    Loved your 55 My Friend
    Thanks for playing,(You do it so well), and please have a Kick Ass Week-End

  2. i dunno some things are worth paying the price…smiles…nice sensuality in this dani….

  3. hedgewitch

    That is one freaky lookin tomato, girl–but I love to eat them right off the vine…so I’m all about the craving. Great, hunger-making 55.

  4. Sheila Moore

    Ha ha. This is great. What a fun read. Thanks!

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