∙Ꮽ∙Ꮼ∙∙ whenever ∙∙Ꮼ∙Ꮾ∙


whenever i think of  you
my heart beats faster
i’m so in love with you

whenever i see your face
i feel a warmth
that beckons me to kiss you

whenever i hear your voice
it’s like a soft caress
all ’round me

whenever i feel your touch
my breath catches
i begin to burn


“Lovesong”   Adele   /   SoAmEjO

A ~ i will always love you…    even when we’re old and gray…

this is my submission to ~

Friday Flash 55    see the   G-Man at Mr. KnowItAll
flash fiction 55

In Tandem #18
prompt:  the second (bottom)  image above by  Margaret Bednar  at   In Tandem

i am also participating in ~


Post A Day

“Lovesong”   Adele

lyrics ~

Christoper James, Rowan Smith, Gary Samuels



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14 responses to “∙Ꮽ∙Ꮼ∙∙ whenever ∙∙Ꮼ∙Ꮾ∙

  1. Thanks for this musical Tandem ride, Blogpal!
    My choice of music this week was a little more chipper. LOL :)

  2. adele! yay!

    and yay for love, too!

  3. I open my heart and embrace all this love you’re handing out Dani, I accept it willingly and return it, packaged in a little heart shaped box. Been in absentia most of the summer, but back online now and happy. Hope you’re well, think you could drop me a line soon? <3 S

  4. Lovely – your words and the pictures.

  5. kez

    a lovely love tribute thank you x

  6. Thank you! This painting was done from a photo I took of a sweet couple who sat on that bench (probably still do) a number of times a week. They often held hands as they walked away. It doesn’t get any better than that. :)

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