.. . words fail … . ..





been gone

weeks on end

..  .  ..

my muse left me

high…           dry…            oh,  so blue

.  …  .  …  .

.  ..  .  ..  .








.   ..   .

.    ..  .  ..    .

none made sense..     .   .. .   none came to rest . . .


they flew past  … .  .         then soared .  ..  .  .    ..  .  .   out of  reach   ..  .


like birds they took wing.. . . .       too far  . ..      too fast ..  .

.  …  .  …  .

. ..   .   .. .


and left my mind a dark void . . . . .          …  no..  words…           …..  none  …..

…  .  ..  .  …

.  …..  .

..  .  ..

. . .

“Where Words Fail”   Dino Psaras   /   raheemandroll


. .. .

.. . ..

Poetry Form:  Etheree

The Etheree. Created about twenty years ago by an Arkansas poet named Etheree Taylor Armstrong, this titled form consists of ten lines of unmetered and unrhymed verse, the first line having one syllable, each succeeding line adding a syllable, with the total syllable count being fifty-five….Read More at Poetic Bloomings where i first heard of  the etheree and at the wonderful new post on etherees, shape and concrete poems by Gay Reiser Cannon at dVerse Poets Pub Poetry Form.

{the topic for this poem came from the fact that this is the first poem i’ve written all month. i took the liberty of  “shaping” my ten lines to, hopefully, add to the feel of  what i am saying, particularly the sixth line. i also wanted to see if  i could write the 55-syllable etheree in 55 words, just for the G-Man.}



. . .

this is my submission to ~

. .. .

.. . ..

Friday Flash 55    see the   G-Man at Mr. KnowItAll
flash fiction 55  (a special 55 for the G-Man ~55 syllables in 55 words}

.. . ..

Form For All    at   dVerse ~ Poets Pub    a Fabulous site for poets ~ spend some time at the Pub!
prompt:  Etherees, Shapes & Concrete Poems ~ come join the poetry party!

.. . ..

The Poetry Pantry #71  at   Poets United   a FABulous site for poets ~ check it out! and don’t forget they are accepting submissions HERE for their second poetry anthology ~ you have until 31 December 2011 to become a member if  you haven’t joined already ~ i can’t believe that!
submit a new or old poem

.. . ..

Open Link Monday   at   imaginary garden with real toads  A Fabulous site for poets ~ check it out!
link any poem old or new

.. . ..

. .. . .. .

i am also participating in ~

. .. .

.. . . ..


. … .

Post A Day

.. . ..

. … .




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29 responses to “.. . words fail … . ..

  1. I love all the periods you’ve incorporated and the long pauses streaming down the page like a lament. Nicely done and looks like you’ve hit all the prompt bases!

    • thank you, Anna! ♥ i really enjoy “visual” poetry and was determined to do the 55-syllables in 55 words. it was a lot of fun. i appreciate your visit and kind comment.

  2. Dani…
    I’m so proud of you.
    You knew that I’d come looking for you soon.
    Thanks for saving me the trouble.
    And regardless of what you say…Your Muse wouldn’t dare go very far.
    Loved your 55
    Thanks for returning, thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

    • i did know you’d be around, Galen, and i always appreciate your visits. ♥ believe it or not, i’ve been trying to get this poem done for two weeks! my muse is quite contrary ~ i can’t say what he’s really up to {drinking and whoring around} or he gets pissed and takes off again. {smile} hope you have a fabulous weekend, my friend.

  3. I love the way you have used punctuation to add another dimension to this – it is a great poem

  4. i’m glad you’re back dani…already been missing you..and with a beautiful poem as well….can feel the wings swaying and the air on my skin…

  5. Nice to see thoughts on the wing!

    • thank you, jinksy! ♥ i always appreciate you taking the time to comment. i’m woefully behind on visiting blogs, but i’ll be around to all of yours soon. i’ve actually peeked in at “In Tandem” and would love to do posts with several of your pieces, even if they aren’t from the current week. i hope that’s all right. {smile}

  6. The wings of this poem soar under its form.
    I love the spaces, the pauses, it almost felt as if I were really taking flight across the page.

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  8. see i knew this one was right up your alley with as artistic and creative as you are…hey even if they dont make sense keep writing…it really is good to see you back….

    • aawww! {blush} thank you, Brian. you’ve always been a great supporter and i hope you know how much i appreciate it. i’ve missed your brilliant poetry and the dVerse community. i may not be around every day, but i think i am back. {smile} ♥

  9. i love the birds, and the way you made words seem like birds and…well, welcome back, Sista Poet!

  10. This is so cool–I love what you did here and managed to do it in 55 syllables in 55 words too. I really enjoyed this very creative offering.

  11. hedgewitch

    Sorry to be so slow getting here, dani–I’m so glad to see you posting. This is visually and verbally beautiful–and I can only imagine how hard it was to get 55 words to also only contain 55 syllables–amazing!

    • thank you, Joy! ♥ please don’t apologize! i’ve basically been off line all month so i’m waaaay behind in visiting blogs ~ i will get caught up with your wonderful words as soon as i can! it was really a coincidence ~ the poem was written before i knew etheree would be a prompt at dVerse this week ~ i had been planning for weeks to see if i could do the 55 words in 55 syllables. {smile} you’re very kind in your comment. i always appreciate your visits.

  12. I’m glad you feel you’ve found your voice again! We all have dry spells, where we doubt the worth of what we’re writing, but just wanted to let you know that this was sensational. As Anna mentioned, this piece soars. Your use of shaping and periods made the whole piece seem to fly like birds. Really well done! Thank you.

    • oh, thank you, Gay! ♥ your kind comment means so much to me! your post was sensational. your ice skating poem is stunning and your Beachanny By The Sea poem had me cracking up. {smile} i like your style(s) girl! thank you for all of your encouragement!

  13. Doesn’t look like a ‘fail’ at all.

  14. Love this poem – its structure reflecting its wordsense. Excellent.

    • thank you, Steve! i really appreciate your kindness. {and another writer and i are working on something we may be submitting to Microstory A Week.} i hope the job hunt is progressing! see/read you soon. ♥

  15. looks like your words are back and love the bird pic

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