· § ·σ· the rain, the raven and the remorseful sorceress ·σ· § ·




none could deny her beauty

with those hypnotic amber eyes

surrounded by swirling indigo tattoos

nor the black magic she wielded


to amuse herself she would

call forth rain in torrents

that lasted weeks

…..laughing hysterically

at the destruction she created


those were the days

when she’d dance and spin

in rings of  white fire

causing crops to wither

in the searing heat


she often sang in whispers

for hour upon hour

heard all across the valley

but understood by none


“sorceress” the frightened villagers breathed

shuttering their windows and doors

as she walked by


was the ink upon her face

the source of  her power?


or was it the raven

ever at her side,

her lone companion?


it is certain

that no one but the raven

knew of  her loneliness


centuries passed

before technology existed

which surpassed all her powers


desperation drove her actions

…..had she known the outcome

would she still have travelled that path?


surely, this was her plan B

…..perhaps she put a spell on the doctor

which went astray


her screams

shattered every window

within four square miles

when she realized

what had happened


dying her hair blonde,

losing a few pounds

and laser removal of  her tattoos

seemed reasonable

in her quest

to be accepted as normal



the broken lines

under her eyes

not only didn’t come off

…..they burned

hotter than the fires of  hell


she spent the rest of  her

pitiful existence

strapped to a bed, sedated

without even the company

of  the raven


her magic useless

against the power of  haldol

·σ· § ·σ·






“Night Sorceress”   Androcell    /   kostasLag



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54 responses to “· § ·σ· the rain, the raven and the remorseful sorceress ·σ· § ·

  1. sad, your words paint a vivid image of her.

    losing weight, removing tatoos, these are real life imagery, beautiful tale.

    • thank you, Morning! ♥ i felt sad that she was trying to make superficial changes to fit in but i also felt like karma was biting her in the derriere for the black magic she’d been using for centuries. i really appreciate your kind comment.

  2. A beautiful searing piece…. Love that surprise ending!

    • the photo prompt from Poets United is totally responsible for the ending. {smile} thank you so much for your visit and too-kind comment, Petrina. i really appreciate it.♥

    • thank you, charles! you’re very kind. i can barely see right now {was up all night writing the poem & visiting Amazon} but i’ll be around later to visit your blog ~ love the title of your poem!

  3. Oh dear. And just when I was thinking how delightful she was, and how I needed to meet her and make trouble together. Drat! Blonde? Sorceresses should not be blonde, and I was distressed to hear she was dye-ing. Har de har. See what happens from reading Marie Claire too much?

    • {giggle} i was going to end it with “karma’s a bitch” but…. i was a blonde for about 3 months in 9th grade ~ not a pretty sight, i’ll tell ya! i love the magpie photo prompt. Marie Claire? isn’t she related to Lady Gaga? {kidding} i’ll get over to read your story after i get some sleep. *hugs* ♥

  4. a misfortune in this case, well told magpie tale.

  5. You certainly told the story behind the picture very well.

  6. Your last line made me laugh out loud… is that bad? This is such an awesome poem.

  7. Shawna

    This is terrifying.

  8. i feel sad for her…chasing an image unwilling just to be herself and unable to find comfort in that…far too many find themselves there…

    • i know ~ between air-brushed photographs in magazines and ads to shows glamourizing plastic surgery to…. too many pressures and unrealistic expectations for superficial beauty. kindness is the greatest beauty to me. thank you, brian. ♥

  9. Nice surprise ending. Better to be feared than try to be accepted and become misunderstood. There is some great writing hidden in insanity I suspect.

  10. Really, really intense. Love this

    HOW did you get the rain effect? very cool indeed.

    Tale Spinning
    The Rain of Tears

    • a blogger friend found it {i don’t know where} and emailed it to me. i thought the photograph was cool to start with and love the animated rain. thank you for your visit and kind comment. LOVE the title of your poem! i’ll be by asap.

  11. oh my goodness what a story! i was on the edge of my seat – very intense and thrilling. and haldol – wow, a terrible drug

  12. you paint her rather dark..i like..
    heard all across the valley

    but understood by none….one of many fav lines

  13. Daniiii…
    how do you manage to put it all into one ?? and such beautiful post .. enjoyed it !!

    hows you been doing my friend ? been long we came across each other :)

    • i know! i miss you, sweetheart! ♥ i do read the emails of all of your posts, but i haven’t come by your blog to comment as i should. i hope all is well with you. thank you for your very kind comment.

  14. intense – deep – well written

  15. Eerie, haunting and sad. I liked the raven addition to help create the mystique. Sadly, we often have a hard time accepting those who are “different.” Victoria

  16. beautifully told story, happy writing.

  17. Helen

    This is epic … a wonderful write! Also enjoyed the enhancement of the photo!

  18. hedgewitch

    I’m tellin ya, kid–this witch racket just isn’t what it used to be. And I don’t care–they aren’t taking any of my wrinkles away with their nasty knives and odd compounds. I worked hard for them and I’m keepin em.

    I like the beginning of this, with that filling of someone slightly mad as well as wicked and powerful, and the slide to the cosmetic surgeon and the sedation seems more natural because of it. And you listen to the coolest music–thanks for the background as I type this–adds to the whole mood.

    • you always write the sweetest comments, Joy ~ thank you! ♥ i try to find appropriate music but not necessarily the best-known version and i’ve been very fortunate in what youtube offers up. i don’t want any knives around my eyes, for sure! one sneeze and the doctor’s knife slips…. no, thank you!

  19. Wow! This certainly took me on a journey…what powerful images and emotion…and so sad, I felt sad for the raven too. Excellent story/poem!

    • i was going to add something about what happened to the raven, but it seemed complete as is. hopefully, he’s happier. thank you very much for your really too-kind comment. much appreciated. ♥

  20. hahahaahahahaha!!!!!!!! Oh my God that is Hilarious! You are a genius! That absolutely made me laugh out loud! Oh what an incredible twist in this! Loved this! Honestly, I tell the truth Dani, and I have to say this, I almost skipped your page because you wrote “Haiku Love Songs” as your name for the Mr. Linky! I know Haiku’s are beautiful, fun, challenging, but do you know what? I don’t really enjoy reading them. But this poem, whatever it is, is magnificent! I am so glad that I stopped by here!

    • wow! thank you, john! {shhhh~ don’t tell anyone but i’ve been thinking about changing the name of the blog since i don’t write primarily haiku/senryu anymore.} thank you for such a truly nice comment. ♥ sometimes i’m the only one who thinks i’m funny. {smile}

  21. It takes grit and determination to scroll as far as this comment box! LOL Your rainstorm at the top needs to get together with my latest post’s picture…

    • thank you for taking the time to comment, Jinksy! ♥ i knew you had grit! {i did stop including song lyrics after your previous comment about how difficult it was to find the comment box. i’m too attached to the music to let it go and i really don’t want to stop including the links and badges to the blogs whose prompts i’m using.} i’ll be over to your blog soon.

  22. Excellent poem. And I especially enjoyed your “amuse” verse.

  23. cracking image and music of which I’m listening all adds and lends to this overall flavoured weave ~ spellcast ~ Dani ~ Lib

    • thank you, Lib! ♥ i’m so happy whenever someone lets me know they like the music, too. i really appreciate your visit and sweet comment.

  24. moondustwriter

    Hey lady came over to say hi – hope your not being around just means you are taking a break!!!

    Love and hugs

    • vertigo’s been making me ditzy…. i mean dizzy {smile} thanks for checking, sweetheart. i’m hoping to be back at least some really soon. *Love* & *Hugs* ♥

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