/.. • ADDicted // ..• . . {rewritten}

•  // •


your heart races



trying to catch up to

youR BODY TREMBLES you can’t hold //

still your mind’s out of

{YOU CAN’T} control where it goes you can’t //

breathe you want to deny

what you need BUT IT’S

//NO USE  you might as well

face it you’re




you can’t live

WITHOUT IT  // you

go mad all

alone facing

//this isn’t any

thing you can do

anything // but


give up

a KISS…  is{n’t} all you

need // to have





you’re add


icted // YOU GOTTA


//IT  has you by the

{heart} throat [BALLS] and you might

as well // face

it  ’cause there’s

not a thing

• •  A  thing

•  •  • THING•

you can do

but fuck


can you do what you

want to do // WANT TO do // WANT to do

you know what you WANT to do//


IN give

give it up

another kiss

won’t // be




too much

ADDicted to this

lust // for the pain


of  the guilty


it’s ALL you

think about

think about

think about

it // you might as

well FACE

IT… •//.. •

./.•. .. ... •//

you’re addicted to


•  ..

if  you haven’t heard this version of  “Addicted to Love” you’re in for a real treat

“Addicted to Love”   Florence and The Machine   /   musicmusicmusic5

image: Gaudenzio Marconi (1841-1885), Nudo femminile, circa 1870



addicted to you

far stronger than any drug

you course through my veins




{posted 15 January 2011}

this is my submission to ~

Poetics ~ Say It Again, Sam   at   dVerse ~ Poets Pub    a Fabulous site for poets ~ spend some time at the Pub!
prompt:   use repetition in a poem  {special thanks to HEDGEWITCH for the great post & prompt}

The Poetry Pantry #68   at   Poets United   a FABulous site for poets ~ check it out! and don’t forget they are accepting submissions HERE for their second poetry anthology ~ you have until 31 December 2011 to become a member if  you haven’t joined already ~ i can’t believe that!
submit a new or old poem

i am also participating in ~


Post A Day



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16 responses to “/.. • ADDicted // ..• . . {rewritten}

  1. Altogether, this post is quite an experience!

  2. Sista Poet, get your Pinocchio nose OUT of my MAIL! LOL! Good grief, can i ever relate to what you wrote, and how you wrote it. It’s all over the page, isn’t it, but keeps coming back, saying, come on, come ON!

    And you were right about the vid! I had not heard this version. Thanks for turning me on to Florence and her Machine! I liked the version by the late Robert Palmer (as well as “Simply Irresistable”, “Every Kind Of People”, “Johnny & Mary”, “I Woke Up Laughing” and and and…) but this version is really cool. Leave it to my Sista P to find it.

    Have I mentioned I love your blog? I have? When? Are you sure? ;-)

    • {BIG Smile} “Pinocchio nose”??? i’m not lyin’! they’ve been playing the beginning of this version of the song as a TV show promo for weeks and it’s just been eating away at me…or, um….stuck in my head? or… well, i had to write something for it.

      thank you Miss Fireblossom for such a sweet comment about my blog ~ you honor me. {i love your blogs, too!} ♥

  3. This is most artfully done!

  4. hedgewitch

    Been a long time since I had that love jones really biting my derriere but I do indeed remember the feeling that your poem, with its all over the place antsy mood of sweat and denial and obsession, conveys so well–GREAT repetition with the ADD and also had not heard that version of the song, which I loved. As always, you work hard to make your blog not just a place to put words up, but an experience.

    • thank you, Joy! ♥ ♥ ♥ i had posted the poem yesterday but was not happy with it ~ your post at dVerse not only reminded me how powerful repetition can be, i also got the idea then to use the bold, italics and capitalization. that version of the song has been driving me mad for weeks wanting to write something. {smile} thank you so much for your visit and encouragement. it means a lot to me. ♥

  5. dang dani…hot write…love the chaotic form of it and it plays well to your message…i might be a LoveUST addict…smiles.

  6. This is stunning. Love the form, love that it’s still raw and honest within it’s beauty. Great piece.

    • thank you so much, Kellie! ♥ it all came from the Florence and The Machine version of “Addicted to Love” and then intensified by the post and prompt from hedgewitch in her Poetics post at dVerse ~ Poets Pub. i really appreciate your visit and very kind comment.

  7. Quite the word sculpture! I like the way you portrayed the feverish helter skelter of such a situation so artfully and all over the page. Well done.

    • thank you! it’s really a pleasure for me when someone lets me know that the effect i was attempting to achieve comes across. i appreciate your visits and comments very much. ♥

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