∙ᶌ∙Ϡ∙ little red riding hood ∙Ϡ∙ᶌ∙

no innocent

was she

but rather

a devious,

greedy girl

schooled well

in the

ways of


by grandma

no wolf

stood a



her wiles

with the


old lady

as bait



woodsman’s axe

coming down


their heads

next winter

all three


stay warm


their new



∙ᶌ∙ Ϡ ∙ᶌ∙

“Little Red Riding Hood”   Sam the Sham and the Pharoahs   {Betty Boop Video}

this is my submission to ~

Friday Flash 55     see the   G-Man at Mr. KnowItAll 
flash fiction 55  (count ‘em ~ 55 words}

Aphrodite’s Jam   at   POETRY JAM
prompt:   write a poem about something that never made it into a well-known myth or fiction

thanks for the great prompt, Barbara!

Kerry’s Wednesday Challenge   at   imaginary garden with real toads
prompt:   explore the theme of  the predator

The Poetry Pantry #67   at   Poets United   a FABulous site for poets ~ check it out! and don’t forget they are accepting submissions HERE for their second poetry anthology ~ you have until 31 December 2011 to become a member if  you haven’t joined already ~ i can’t believe that!
submit a new or old poem

i am also participating in ~


Post A Day



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34 responses to “∙ᶌ∙Ϡ∙ little red riding hood ∙Ϡ∙ᶌ∙

  1. cute little fantasy story,

    lovely 55.

  2. Oh, you are a trip, girl! I love when you tell your fairy tales, with their unique and fun twists. And you found Betty Boop and Bimbo and that old song! Did you know that “Woolly Bully” was someone’s dog that they knew?

    • i didn’t know that! i didn’t go looking for the video until after i wrote the poem because i knew i wanted the old song ~ the Betty Boop video was a great surprise. maybe i should start a series of twisted fairytales? {smile} ♥

  3. Wonderful. Just yesterday I sumitted a poem referencing Little Red Riding Hood to a prospective publisher.

  4. Dani…
    Your story was soooo cooool!!
    Great rewrite to fit the prompt!
    You Rock the Planet!!
    Loved your 55
    Thanks for playing, thanks for being such a good sport, and have a Kick Ass Week-End…G

  5. Dani, what a saucy little wench that Red Riding Hood was! Of course, as portrayed by Betty Boop, how else? It’s like Mae West saying, “I used to be Snow White… but I drifted!”

    Imaginative poem, and I didn’t see the video. Let your work stand on its own. Great stuff, D. Amy

    • i didn’t look for the video until after the poem was written. hey~ a Mae West line i’ve never heard! love it! thanks for your sweet comment, Amy! ♥

  6. I enjoyed this very much. I read through all of the poetry prompts and guidelines that you adhered to–very impressive! I am sure I couldn’t do that. Great little poem, it packs a punch. Thanks for it.

  7. You introduce an entirely new element to the story-line here: RRH is the hunter, schooled by Granny (loved that) and the poor old wolf was only prized for his skin.

    Thanks for sharing your work on Real Toads.

  8. nice…love your retelling dani…very cool twist on it…and that pic is awesome too….very nicely played…have a lovely weekend!

  9. Love this, a chilling tale. Very nicely done.

  10. Well Dani, this is one of my fav narratives as you… *wicked grins*. LRRH’s definite no innocence. Great effort :)

  11. b_y

    I like your take on the story. (And love the Sam the Sham)

    • thank you, Barbara! ♥ i really loved your prompt and it was a lot of fun to write. i always think of that song when i think of little red riding hood. i hadn’t seen the Betty Boop video though.

  12. Helen

    Perfect!!! Just perfect …. Wooly Bully!!!

  13. What fun! Much more interesting to have Little Red Riding Vamp instead of an innocent girl :)

  14. I have always thought that Little Red Riding Hood was suspect along with Snow White and those seven dwarves!

  15. I love your view the twists and turns of the original~ Fun to read!

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