∙϶∙ looking at you through the past ∙ϵ∙



∙ Є ∙

i should have seen it

coming since i was looking

at you through the past


or was i looking

past you?  anticipating

seeing through your lies


or at least hoping

but it was never easy

to tell if  you were


real or an object

of  my obsession…     born of

my desperation


and loneliness…    God,

i want you to see me…    tell

me the truth for once


you said it was the

moon that betrayed me and the

stars that were lying


bubbles in my glass

of  your heady wine make me

wonder if  you’re real


but i learned the hard

truth of  you…    the stars don’t lie

the way that you do


i don’t see the real

you     …i don’t really see you…

you never saw me

∙϶∙ Є ∙ϵ∙

Є ∙



“Through Glass”   Stone Sour   /   theRDRman



i’m looking at you

originally posted 29 March 2010


i’m looking at you

trying to see inside your soul


do i really see you?

do i see the real you?

or are you just a figment of my imagination?

the ethereal object of my obsession?

made from the heat of my desire?

born in the fires of my passion?

living only in my longing     …..yearning     …..needing so desperately

for someone to hold me     .….desire me     ..…love me

are you even here?



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42 responses to “∙϶∙ looking at you through the past ∙ϵ∙

  1. sad…it can not really be love if you truly can not see each other…the past experiences too can often get in the way of that…nice write dani

    • thank you, brian! ♥ i learned the hard way that the original relationship that i wrote about last March was nothing but lies. i’m trying my best to keep all of my past mistakes {“relationships”} out of the first healthy one i’ve ever had. the poem today was just a poem. {smile}

  2. glad it was just a poem and you are happy now…there are lessons in life we have to learn the hard way…

  3. Sometimes you need to just write (or pray, or meditate, or whatever) to clear the wreckage of the past so that the new relationship can grow from a clean slate based on honesty and trust. It can be difficult but it can be done. The rewards are great. I really liked the raw feel of the emotions that came through your work. I’m glad to have dropped by. I agree with Brian…Nice write, indeed.

  4. hedgewitch

    I know this feeling well…and I loved this line “the stars don’t lie like you do..” they are what they are, no matter what we try to make of them. This is a perceptive piece, dani. It’s always good to take a look through the glass, at yourself, as you do here.

  5. this is a sad one…and thankfully I have not experienced it.

    great to see you ~

    happy day ~

  6. Whew, I’m glad to hear that it’s just a poem, sista poet. I was worried for you!

  7. This is a beautiful poem. Very nicely done! I love it when Haikus are strung together this way.


  8. I love this, so representative of what a liar would say:
    “you said it was the
    moon that betrayed me and the
    stars that were lying”

    • it’s always someone else’s fault and often they try to put the blame back on the person they are lying to. thank you so much for your visit and comment, Shawna. ♥

  9. RiA

    very true. must get the truth if it is to be love,

  10. Very Insightful Dani…Fantastic!

  11. Love the depth, the look within, beyond the surface feelings and reactions to a relationship. What we hide from ourselves speaks profoundly of the honest base of the two.

    • so true, Petrina. too often in the past, i let fear keep me from looking at myself. it’s still not easy, but i have a partner now who understands and supports me. thank you for the kindness of your comment. ♥

  12. ~L

    So powerful… So much emotion… This was very moving!!

  13. I think this was me in high school…oops…I think this is everyone in high school, and sometimes past high school; not at all as though written by one in high school..let me be clear..it’s just that we are all only learning what we want in a friend, a boyfriend/girlfriend, we throw up barriers, or we bare the truth too soon and scare people. And pin our hopes to a face, bright and shiny eyes, an impish grin, a haughty look and it’s all facade. Well done in capturing that!

    PS Hope you come by http://beachanny.blogspot.com to read my haiku sestina and let me know what you think ( it being your forte) …it’s not quite a love song, though it is an art song and that’s close.

    • you are so right about high school ~ i went on to marry my high school mistake… i mean “sweetheart” ~ i can’t say i regret it because my beautiful daughter came from that moron.. oops… um, handsome man. i love your haiku sestina and will go back to comment, though haiku really isn’t my forte {i don’t have one} ~ i was totally ignorant when i named my blog but i’ve been afraid to change the name and lose readers. and your sestina is definitely an art song and we love art! ♥

  14. Relationships end dramatically and it is painful sometimes for so many different reasons…. Yours were written down beuatiflly i think… I ownder what is the worst hurtful feeling about it though, sometimes… I think when I’m in that position, that dark place, missing her is of course the deepest hurt, but then I think comes the realization that i brought it on myself. I let myself fall so deeply in love that the lies didn’t stand out, or they were just like black and white in a world filled with such wondrous, colorful emotion. But in the end there you are, standing alone one day completely surrounded by the lies and they can’t be ignored anymore, they take center stage and suddenly it’s all about that. That day sucks the worst I think….. That was the day you wrote this I suspect….. been there too, if comiseration is any consolation…..

    • thank you, john! i had just found out {what i thought at the time were all of} the lies when i wrote the first poem. this new one is just a poem ~ i’m very, very fortunate to be in a healthy relationship now. i hope that you’re in a good place now, too.

  15. Such a sad poem, Dani, but I’m glad it’s your past and not your present. The pain and betrayal are expressed well here.

    • thank you, Traci! ♥ when i was going through the end of that relationship, one of my twitter friends called me the “Queen of Tortured Love” ~ all of my poems were quite self-indulgent but writing helped get me through the pain. i appreciate the kindness of your comment.

  16. To see someone is true joy when it happens.
    Good Love, my friend.

  17. Very meaningful and great combination of prompts!! Anticipation, depression, betrayal all bubble in your mind so well!! A lot of thought must have gone into planning this I’m sure!!

    • i seem to be able to access the dark recesses of my mind fairly easily, i’m afraid. {smile} those emotions just bubble to the surface whether i’m looking for them or not. thank you so much for such a kind comment, Nanka. ♥ i appreciate you coming by.

  18. I like this one a lot…the things that you speak of in this poem are difficult insights to express…well put.

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