•Ꮱ•Ꮿ•Ꮱ• hidden woods •Ꮱ•Ꮿ•Ꮱ•

the Hidden Woods
exist today

but i’ll not tell you where.

only elves,  faeries
and the pure of  heart

dare venture there.

the Wind always blows from the south.
the Moon visits
when she’s new.

the Sun comes for tea every Tuesday.
sadly no human can visit
for none has a heart that is true.



“Sad Song of  the Woods”   Wyrd   /   Aiurea30

i would like to thank    Ainsley Allmark     {  @DolphinDancer  }  for so generously allowing me to use his beautiful   photograph.  please click on any of  the   Dolphin   links in the blogrolls at the bottom of  the page to see more of his stunning photographs and amazing poetry.

this is my submission to ~

Friday Flash 55     see the     G-Man at Mr. KnowitAll  {this is for you, G}
flash fiction 55  (count ‘em ~ 55 words}

through the eye of a poet   at   POETRY JAM
i am very excited to be hosting the Poetry Jam this week.  and i am thrilled that Ainsley Allmark has generously allowed the use of  five of  his stunning photographs as prompts. i hope you will join the Jam  HERE.

i am also participating in ~


Post A Day



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42 responses to “•Ꮱ•Ꮿ•Ꮱ• hidden woods •Ꮱ•Ꮿ•Ꮱ•

  1. Well written! Very sad ending though! Thanks for the journey or words.

  2. moondustwriter

    A delightful world
    you paint it well
    hugs sweetie

    • *hugs* to you, Leslie! i’m always happy to see you. ♥ i am fascinated by the fact that the wood exists less than an hours walk from the photographer’s house in Cornwall, U.K. it really does look magical and untouched. thank you for your sweet comment. ♥

  3. smiles. magical write dani…no human heart can visit…pout…nice sting in the last line too eh?

    • you know it’s just a poem, Brian! {smile} i would hate to think of how quickly it would be ruined if many people knew it was there, though. i’ve never seen anything like it in real life. {i’m a city girl.} [you’re cute when you pout but that doesn’t get you any special treatment around here.]

  4. Clever. No humans, specifically NO POLITICIANS! :)

    • politicians would turn to dust the second they set foot in the Hidden Woods! {smile} can you imagine how long that beauty would last if humans knew it was there? ♥ thank you for stopping by, Margaret.

  5. Slightly whacky, but total fun and very enjoyable.

  6. A place for only the true of heart eh?
    Not many places like that left…
    Loved your 55 Dani.
    You are quite remarkable.
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

  7. Beautifully written. Great stuff.

  8. Guess that means that I am not human – always suspected it but never had the proof ☺ Thank you dani ♥ for a beautiful verse compliment to my photograph ♥

    • thank you for allowing the use of your stunning photographs for the Poetry Jam prompt, Ainsley. this photograph is truly magical ~ the woods wouldn’t object to you taking such a beautiful photograph. {just please don’t tell anyone where the woods are!} ♥

  9. I used the same photo, with a pretty different result. That’s what I love about these photo prompts :)

  10. This dances with enchantment.

  11. Aww. It is sad and true. Hopefully the sun enjoys her lonely tea.


  12. oh i would love if the sun came for tea to my place one day..and i would make sure to invite some elves and fairies as well…beautiful dani

  13. hedgewitch

    This was the first sort of mood and reaction I had to the photo, dani, and why I picked it–but I couldn’t get it to go anywhere. Thanks for telling the faierie tales of this wood for us. Especially love the melancholy of the last line, though I suppose the place is really far better off without us.

  14. Despite the sad ending, this poem is so beautifully written..

    stapled maples

  15. deep, soulful, thoughtful words…


  16. I like the magical quality of this poem, and the line that the Sun comes to tea on Tuesday was brillo!

    • thank you so much, Chris! ♥ there is such a magical quality to the woods themselves and to the photograph ~ it could be a painting, don’t you think?

  17. Lovely though sad poem. Perfect accompaniment to the beautiful photo!

  18. You created a nice faerie land in your poems.

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