°»¤«° moondance blue °»¤«°




take a sleep

pill drink some wine look out your

ow to
night and you may see the



the ¤ Man

in the Moon ¤ holding the ¤ Sun ¤

close spin


and round


the Stars ¤ sigh at their

grace the blue

leaves float

gently out into the Gal ¤

and the ¤ Earth ¤ weeps at be
ing left alone so

Mer ¤

kisses her cheek


Venus ¤ and Jup ¤

sing a

until ¤ Mars begins

to fiddle and

Sat ¤
urn plays tam


while Nep ¤ tune and Ura ¤

keep the beat


and poor Plu ¤
to ¤

Ceres ¤

and ¤ Eris ¤

have no
where to






“Moondance”   Neil Elliott Dorval on grand piano   /   Neilelliott1


check out this all-star jam ~ the video may not be great quality but the talent certainly is!
“Moondance”  Van Morrison, Etta James, Santana, George Benson



this is my submission to ~


In Tandem #9
prompt:  the image above  ”moonleaf2“  by Jinksy at   In Tandem


Open Link Night ~ Week 9   at   dVerse ~ Poets Pub  a fabulous site for poets ~ spend some time at the Pub!
link up any poem you’d like ~ come join the poetry party!


A drug-induced world   at   POETRY JAM
prompt:    medication/drugs

thanks for the interesting prompt, Lilu!


The Thursday Think Tank #65     at     Poets United  a FABulous site for poets ~ check them out! and don’t forget they are accepting submissions HERE for their second poetry anthology ~ you have until 31 December 2011 to become a member if  you haven’t joined already!
prompt:   windows



i am also participating in ~




Post A Day






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52 responses to “°»¤«° moondance blue °»¤«°

  1. Thank you for such a star studded response to my Tandem prompt – I only get one as all inclusive as that ‘once in a blue moon’! ♥

    • i really love your art! it’s rather intimidating trying to do it justice with my words though. thank you for condoning my little fantasy. {smile} ♥

  2. Enjoyed the trip around the universe. I used the same picture in In Tandem post too. I like the way the words floated around the screen ~

  3. Old Ollie

    nice – cool style

  4. Wow… I’m dizzy now. Very appropos for flying high. = )

  5. i don’t feel sorry for pluto:)
    cool, liquid-like presentation and content.

  6. Helen

    I’ll have one of those pills … thank you!

  7. Beautiful creation Dani, lovely stuff.

    Anna :o]

  8. Not sure whether my comment sent you to the wrong blog. My poem on Puzzelicious

    Kind regards

    Anna :o]

  9. As always you paint beautifully with your words!! Thank you so much for sharing!

  10. Oh, I like it! Usually I have no time for artsy word placement across the page, but this really works. The earth weeping…

  11. You know how it goes. One pill makes you larger and one pill makes you small. Then the universe turns blue. Not fantasy for some I think. Love your words and images but would be easier to read if they were all in a row.


    • yes, i’m sure not a fantasy for some. i realize the words would be much easier to read in a row {see my previous poem} but i was trying to make reading the poem disorienting with the word placement, rather like being on drugs. thank you so much for your visit and thoughtful comment, Melanie. ♥ i really appreciate it.

  12. I think I’ve been on a trip like that before – strictly through the lens of prescription painkillers in the hospital of course :)

  13. oy, you really gave it to us dani…ha…your structure plays really well with your content and you are more than poet a word artist don’t ever apologize for that…i find it fascinating…

  14. Wow, I feel as if I went on a cosmic carpet ride, What a wonderful read and the way it swayed back and forth added to its charm.

  15. I never could keep from dancing listening to that song.

  16. expatinCAT

    Loved it Dani and your blog is wonderful too! *hugs* // Peter.

    • hi, Peter! thank you for stopping by and your lovely comment. *hugs* {i’ve been cheating and reading your email updates of your posts, but i’ll come by soon and comment.} ♥

  17. Wonderful, but I don’t think I’ve sucked all the goodness out yet. I shall be back.

  18. oh, I love this – the blue font and stars and the formating gave life to this poem – I wanted to get up and dance along with your planetary dream :)

  19. hedgewitch

    Love the way the words wind and jump like the dance of the planets in a slightly unfocused mind–though I think the planets, stars and moon all dance that way whether we watch or not, sober or otherwise. This was a visual delight, and a meal for all the senses, as always, dani. Your place is one of my comfort stops–like my fave bookstore.

  20. love the DNA shaped structure,
    you are so very creative.

  21. What a word-ride! I especially like

    close spin



  22. ♥ thank you ~ for sharing, dani!! Awesome as always!!! xoxo

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