·Ꮾ· Ꮝ ·Ꮾ· i can feel it ·Ꮾ· Ꮝ ·Ꮾ·


i can feel it now

coming for me…     its yearning

for payment long due


magics in the air

white…    black…    fighting over me

though the outcome’s set


safe haven nowhere

in the world     …please forgive me…

i won’t sin again


the blood of  lambs stains

my hands      …too late  ~  confession

will not cleanse my soul

·Ꮾ · Ꮝ · Ꮾ·


“In The Air Tonight”   Phil Collins    /    magicmonkey9

this is my submission to ~

Haiku Heights is hosting “The Height of Haiku Challenge” this September ~ for the daily prompt click HERE  and join the fun!

Height of  Haiku Challenge Prompt #9    at   Haiku Heights
prompt #9:   yearn

Height of  Haiku Challenge Prompt #10    at   Haiku Heights
prompt #10:   magic

Short Story Slam – Week 9     at     Bluebell Books
prompt:   image above

Friday Flash 55     see the     G-Man at Mr. KnowitAll
flash fiction 55  (count ‘em ~ 55 words}

The Poetry Pantry #65   at   Poets United   a FABulous site for poets ~ check it out! and don’t forget they are accepting submissions HERE for their second poetry anthology ~ you have until 31 December 2011 to become a member if  you haven’t joined already!
submit a new or old poem

i am also participating in ~


Post A Day



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12 responses to “·Ꮾ· Ꮝ ·Ꮾ· i can feel it ·Ꮾ· Ꮝ ·Ꮾ·

  1. intriguing pic and write…and you capture the “too late” well in your words..

  2. have not thought about that song in a long time…nice…must be some sin to get beyond redemption…smiles. have a great weekend…

  3. Hi Dani ~

    Posting here from my other blog. Great to see you participating in this Haiku Challenge. Like the images of yearning for payment due.. to confession will not cleanse my soul. Sometimes I think we are too hard on ourselves when we err.


  4. magicalmysticalteacher

    Sounds like a tortured soul…

    Morning Magic here

  5. Yeah…I can feel it as well!
    Loved your beautiful 55 Dani.
    Thank you so much for including me in your prompt amalgam.

  6. These are wonderful! Well done :-)

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