· Ꮕ · hidden · Ꮕ ·

·  Ꮕ ·

hidden in plain sight

here, on my face     …my hopes and fears…

all shades in-between

·  Ꮕ ·

“Hidden Away”   Josh Groban & Harlem Gospel Choir   /    chico31

this is my submission to ~

Height of  Haiku Challenge Prompt #8    at   Haiku Heights

Haiku Heights is hosting “The Height of Haiku Challenge” this September ~ for the daily prompt click HERE  and join the fun!
prompt:   hidden

In Tandem #8
prompt:  the image above  “Bleeding Me”  by Natasha Head at   Running With Crayons  on her blog   The Tashtoo Parlour  {she is an artist and poet!}

i am also participating in ~


Post A Day



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4 responses to “· Ꮕ · hidden · Ꮕ ·

  1. Wow, thanks for turning me on to Natasha’s art!

    And yeah, whatever I am feeling is always all over my face. Yours too?

  2. Leo

    and there are, a lot of shades between those two emotions i think. can’t really tell them apart, can we?

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