my story “haboob” published at Microstory A Week

Steve Isaak of  Reading & Writing by Pub Light  has kindly published my short story haboob {another creepy tail} on his other blog  Microstory A Week.   this story was exceptionally fun for me to write as it was fantasy born of fact. there had been a haboob where i live shortly before i wrote the story and all of  the locations are real ~ a first for me.  if  you are interested in submitting a short story of  your own, click  HERE for submission guidelinesyou can also find Steve on facebook HERE.  he has two anthologies already published ~ Can’t sleep: poems, 1987 – 2007  and    Charging the scarlet b-sides: microsex stories & poems and will soon be publishing Nightwired: poems.   Steve previously published the prose version of  Camelliaand my short story “Bugged.”     i hope you’ll enjoy another creepy crawlie little story ~

It was easy to slip across the border from Mexico into Arizona and a haboob was the perfect cover to get into the city undetected. The massive dust storms covered the valley at least once or twice every summer during the monsoon
season. One news helicopter photographer caught a few seconds of the two lights moving in at the front edge of the mile-high wall of dust, but it was explained …..Read More 

thank you, Steve! ♥



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6 responses to “my story “haboob” published at Microstory A Week

  1. Brilliant Dani congratulations!

  2. Congratulations hunny!!! So proud of you. Amazing work. Love you!!! xoxo

  3. I read it! Haboob was a new word for me. I have another piece coming up at Microstory soon… Keep writing!

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