·Ꮌ· Ꮦ ·Ꮌ· guardian angel {sorta}


this is a tale meant only to be humorous and no offense is intended to anyone’s religious beliefs.   some might consider it sacrilegious, so please do not read further if  you think it will upset you.

"Un Ange" {An Angel} Marianne Stokes

once i was an angel

whose wings were so white

every color could be seen within;

my hair and halo shone gold at night

with lips of  pink and eyes of  blue

i truly was a heavenly sight.

{ahem… well, that’s what i was told.}


“but Lord” said i  “do you really think i’m the right angel for this assignment? after all, i have no experience with humans.”  {Peter and i had a thing goin’  on,  you know?}


i didn’t even have time to give Peter a proper goodbye.

God sent me down to Earth to keep tabs on

…i mean,  watch over…

the Earth and humans and all ~

time passed quickly for i had much to discover.

one day Peter came to visit but i would have none of  it

feeling he could have come earlier if  he really cared a whit.

“Rose”  said he
looking aghast at me

“it can’t be true…
is that really you?”

“whatever do you mean?”  i queried innocently.

“where once your wings were white
they’re now as dark as night;

“what’s happened to your golden hair?
 i’d suggest a bottle of  Loreal hair dye if i dare…    (after all,  you’re worth it!)

“judging by the color of  your halo,  you’ve fallen short.”
{it was here i couldn’t help but snort!}

“my God, your reputation will be completely shred
if  you return to Heaven with lips that red!

“pray tell what happened, my still lovely Rose,
please say that this is not what you chose!”

“it’s a woman’s prerogative to change her mind

you said i’m lovely so i know you’re not blind ~

aren’t you attracted to my new earthly charms?

don’t you want to take me into your arms?”

shaking his head,  Peter plucked the now-gray rose from my fingers
“when Father hears about this,  you’ll find no refuge!
not on Earth or in Heaven or even in Hell.”

walking away,  i whispered “après moi le déluge.”

{after me, the deluge.}

·Ꮌ· Ꮦ ·Ꮌ·

  · · Ꮌ · ·

  · · Ꮌ · ·

  · · Ꮌ · ·

“My Sweet Lord”   George Harrison   /   ivana13beatle25anime

i must share credit {or blame} with two other poets {they may very well wish i wouldn’t} ~ Coal Black‘s poem “the funky angel”  changed the direction i was taking by 180 degrees; and i must give credit for the exit line “après moi le déluge” to Ainsley Allmark ~ thank you for finding what i could not.

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38 responses to “·Ꮌ· Ꮦ ·Ꮌ· guardian angel {sorta}

  1. Oh, Dani, this is AWESOME! I love the angel’s unmistakably female personality, and her (ahem) down to earth ways. (And I’m with her…if Peter *really* cared he’d have put on some speed and not just shown up later to whine that she’d changed! They say a woman marries a man thinking she can change him, while a man marries a woman thinking she’ll never change.)

    I love every single line of this. I love how she misspeaks (“keep tabs on”) and I love the idea of the changing colors. The entire thing is a delight. Also, wherever you got it, that last line is perfect. I speak a little schoolgirl French, and for some reason I think it reads stronger that way.

    Heck, even the painting is perfect! I had not seen that one or heard of her before.

    • oh, thank you, Shay! i started with the painting and have been wanting to do something with it as i absolutely adore her expression and the dark wings. i had done a VERY rough draft over the weekend about her taking her assignment seriously and it was horribly depressing! then i read “the funky angel” and knew where i had to take her. Ainsley Allmark is a photographer and poet who is kind enough to let me use some of his photographs in my posts and we’ve written a couple of things together. i asked him to read it cuz the ending sucked ~ he suggested the French line and it fit perfectly! it means so much to me for you to give me feedback in detail like this ~ thank you! i don’t have a clue what i’m doing and i get discouraged sometimes because i will NEVER be on the level of you and hedgewitch and claudia and brian and so many others. so double thanks for providing inspiration in the beginning and encouragement at the end. ♥ ♥ ♥

  2. Hahaha! Nicely done. I’m going for my umbrella now!

  3. A wonderful story indeed, love the use of rhyme sprinkled throughout too. Great personality for your characters too, nicely done!

  4. smiles. fun piece and way to be edgy…she found her way dani…which we all have to do…even the angels…some fine touches in the misspeak and the french there at the end…

    • thank you, brian! i wish i could take credit for the line in French ~ it really did make the whole piece for me. i’ll be by to comment on your blog after i get some sleep. i don’t know how you do everything in real life plus write plus visit everyone. do you have a time machine? or does Santa let you borrow his sleigh and the reindeer when he’s not using them? however you manage it, i know we ALL appreciate your comments. have a great day! ♥

  5. i enjoyed your story dani…was smiling first..then felt sad for her…for him…things change…right? there’s some depth here….food for thoughts..

    • i imagined that Rose had been on Earth for centuries enjoying herself before Peter finally showed up {maybe time runs differently in Heaven and it hadn’t been that long for him?} and i was thinking their “relationship” wasn’t really serious to start with. i fell in love with the painting and her expression ~ just the hint of a smile. i really appreciate that you gave it that much thought, Claudia. ♥

  6. Ah, what could be more fun than a twice-fallen angel! ( ;0} To paraphrase Shakespeare, it is not in ourselves but in our fallen angels we are underlings?!? Enjoyed this read.

  7. hedgewitch

    This is a pure dish of ice cream for me–and you don’t know how much of a compliment that is, as I pretty much dream about ice cream nightly–I loved the angel’s attitude, and I find your take on God all too real–“hey go check it out and get back to me sometime, but if you screw up, you’re a pillar of salt.” (Humor, folks–no offense to anyone.) And never worry about what *level* you write on. You give back with your words, and you reach, speak to, engage and delight many people–that’s what poetry’s all about. Thanks for all the work you put into your posts to make them just right.

    • aawwww! thank you so much, Joy! ♥ we all have our insecurities, don’t we? i wish i’d had a better education. i need to be disciplined enough to learn more about poetry, at the least. and thank you for saying i try to make my posts just right instead of describing it as obsessive behavior. {smile} i enjoy the format i have now even though it means i post less. i hope you know how much i appreciate your encouragement. ♥

  8. With a smile and a chuckle I write this comment. Truly appreciated your tale…perfect interlude for mid workday! (Shhhh…don’t tell!) Loved it!

  9. If I were English I’d say this is bloody brilliant! Oh hell with it… I’ll say it anyway..this is boost brilliant! You should create an entire series based on this and tell more stories! Lived every line! Great humor!

  10. Nice play on a bunch of symbols! I thought this was fun and clever! Good work, you! G.

    • thank you, Gay! ♥ what a lovely comment. i’ve been trying to visit your blogs and my laptop has not been cooperating. hope to get there soon.

  11. A great angel story, I really enjoyed reading it!

  12. Loreal hair dye! LOL.

    No offense taken whatsoever on this. I like how you wove these thoughts of angels from fancy that dipped and dived.

    Peter, the Rock in a whole new light.

    This WAS fun.

  13. ha!
    Loreal!!! too funny!

    • {smile} people usually don’t think i’m funny {i think i’m hilarious} so i think this is the first post i’ve done that worked. i had to smile when i saw your Poetry Jam prompt. thanks for hosting. and thank you for your visit and comment. ♥

  14. This is great! I love the “you’re worth it” line (especially as I really need to touch up my roots :)).

    • {smile} don’t we all? thank you, Bug. ♥ have you had your operation yet? hope all is well with you. i really appeciate your visit and kind comment.

  15. it is not easy to pull off dialogue, especially humorous dialogue with st. peter. this was very well done, and i found myself smiling throughout. i like how you set it up and ended with a subtle smirk, seemed like. what a pleasant read:)

  16. “it’s a woman’s prerogative to change her mind

    you said i’m lovely so i know you’re not blind ~

    aren’t you attracted to my new earthly charms?

    don’t you want to take me into your arms?”

    love every line, well done humor.

  17. I’m all for a fun approach!

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