◊·¤·◊ connectivity ◊·¤·◊

Alphonse Mucha




 i lay


the bed

arm flung

across my eyes

 looking at the world

 through my third eye

i saw so many wars

…hunger  …thirst

…misery …pain







to the earth

 to one another

 nurturing all life

 protecting all life

could save

all life



they could


their own power

is already there

i saw the lines


them all

to the world

to one another

to tomorrow

to hope

to love

to life




 “splinter”   ani difranco   /    francoapple



thank you to Shay aka Fireblossom for introducing me to the music of  ani difranco



this is my submission to ~


Poetics – Third Eye Open   at   dVerse ~ Poets Pub    a Fabulous site for poets ~ spend some time at the Pub!
prompt:  Write a poem describing what you can see with your third eye.  {thanks Brian!}


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22 responses to “◊·¤·◊ connectivity ◊·¤·◊

  1. Yes, it is true. The connections are already there. They just have to be recognized and utilized.

    • i truly believe that women have the power to do much good if the believe in themselves and one another. i appreciate your visit and comment. ♥

  2. Woohoo! I brought another over to the dark side! It’s only fair, after your yesterday’s post converted me to Miyavi-ism. ;-)

    • that’s true, it is only fair. i really fell in love with her music and voice and lyrics and looks and guitar-playing ~ just LOVE her. thank you! ♥

  3. beautiful thoughts dani…think sometimes we’re not aware of the influence we have and how we could change things for good..love the connection part a lot…to the world, one another, tomorrow..

    • thank you, Claudia! ♥ the inspiration came from part of the song by Ani Difranco ~ part of it runs in a similar vein. i believe technology is allowing us to be more “physically” connected but at the same time, i worry we are becoming less connected as individuals and societies. all i can do is hope. {smile} your poem is amazing!

  4. i think if we all truly understood our interconnectedness we would be able to power far beyond our wildest dreams….nice write dani…perhaps a vision for the future?

  5. Thought-provoking poem and song by ani…I was not familiar with her before. I mulling over a poem in my mind about the earth-godesses connection. Timely read!

    • i got the idea from the lines in ani’s song ~ i had never heard her music before Shay told me about her. my original premise was going to be an earth mother/goddess connected to all living things. {smile} ♥

  6. hedgewitch

    Your third eye sees a world we all need to visualize, dani. I believe there is indeed that connectivity between us, and it matters. Great DiFranco song, too. I love her voice, both the physical one, and the inner one. (“…just remember you can always go outside–really really far outside..”) (!)

    • {smile} i love that! ♥ i may never have heard of Ani DiFranco before Shay told me in a comment yesterday, but i’ve listened to several of her songs now, and “Splinters” the entire time i was writing this poem. i like those lines, too. i believe in the connections as well but i worry that no one’s paying attention.

  7. elegant..

    it is amazing to be able to have a version of future in fantastic senses.

  8. You are of course speaking pure truth here. I loved the “form” of your poem!

  9. rmp

    lovely poem. it leaves me to wonder if (or maybe when) they (we) realize it…realize the power we hold within…the connection without…will they know what to do with it.

    • i have to hold onto hope ~ especially with the state the world is in right now. i don’t believe those connections can be abused as they seem very pure. that doesn’t mean we’d know what to do though, does it? thank you for visiting and commenting. ♥

  10. A very striking and touching thought, and such truth!..You who can see and feel the connections have a special kind of vision…

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