·ᵟ· δ ·· the sound of silence ·· δ ·ᵟ·


is   the



ᵟ   drops


Vladimir Horowitz plays Chopin’s “Raindrop” Prelude in D flat Major, Op.28 No.15


“The Sound of Silence”   Simon & Garfunkel


clean, safe water is scarce all around the world. water is taken for granted in “developed” countries. over large parts of the world, humans have inadequate access to potable water and use sources contaminated with disease vectors, pathogens or unacceptable levels of toxins or suspended solids. such water is not wholesome, and drinking or using such water in food preparation leads to widespread acute and chronic illnesses and is a major cause of death and misery in many countries…..Read More

if you want to do something to help, there are legitimate charities which are working to provide access to clean water ~ from a “straw” which filters water as it is drunk to water pumps powered by children playing on an old-fashioned merry-go-round. digging wells may seem simple, but how does one know where to dig? and where would the very strength to dig come from if  everyone is ill from drinking contaminated water? {always check out a charitable organization before donating ~ to see a list of unverified organizations,  click HERE }

we all need to be conserving water because there are major droughts and global warming which may ~ no, will ~ cause fresh water shortages around the world in this century.  everyone can do something to help by using less water.

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prompt:   silence
{this prompt is closed but it was the inspiration for this poem which was not completed in time for submission}

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the prompt is to write a poem an issue which i care about ~ clean water

thanks for such an important prompt, brian! and for all you do to make the world better for everyone.


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34 responses to “·ᵟ· δ ·· the sound of silence ·· δ ·ᵟ·

  1. I love that song… very beautiful share ~ I like that you linked it up with our Poetry Jam’s prompt. We take this for granted that we don’t realize that some people don’t even have it. Thanks for the additional info on this issue as well.

    I like your photo and raindrops like design… it blends perfectly ~

  2. that is fricking awesome…the words, the art in how it was done…love it…dani

    • thank you, brian! i’m really enjoying playing with the layout, finding images and music either to inspire or to complement the poem. when i get my scanner hooked up, i hope to add my own artwork.

  3. Very thought provoking…I like what you posted about water…seems a horrible shame that people in the world are suffering from the lack of such a basic need, while others just let it spill uselessly to the ground with fountains and other such wastes…So much we take for granted…What will happen when the Earth runs out of this precious commodity fresh water??

    • people tend to think that because so much of the world is covered in oceans, we don’t have to be concerned about water. unless someone can come up with a far less expensive way to desalinate water, that just is not true. it breaks my heart to think of anyone on this planet not having clean water to drink. thank you for visiting and commenting. ♥

  4. Once again a ton going on. Love the play at the start with the words and the raindrops, silence is always appreciated. Yeah everyone should have clean drinking water, especailly now a days. (even though it’s technically not clean anywhere, as all water has been through humans at one point or another and come out..haha)

  5. hedgewitch

    My husband worked in municipal water plants for years, and went to a million seminars about this–it is serious and it is real. Thanks for writing about it, and for your excellent poem and musical accompaniment.

  6. Lovely and significant share Dani…nice take on silence, just beautiful.

    • thank you so much! ♥ in case you don’t know, my computer was down almost two weeks, but i’m trying to catch up on everyone’s blogs a few a day. i’ve missed your beautiful words! see you there soon. ♥

  7. oh i love this dani…the pic..the words..how they tumble like raindrops on the page…this is fantastic artwork…and i heard the sounds of silence…

  8. I love what you did with this…and one of my all-time favorite songs. Silence is life-giving.

  9. It takes will and determination to find this comment box at the end of a post which is anything but silent….

    • i really appreciate you letting me know that there is a problem ~ i hate to give up the music and i won’t give up the links to the prompt sites, but i will stop including song lyrics ~ do you think that will help? any and all suggestions/complaints are welcome as i am always trying to improve my blog. i’ll go back and remove lyrics from old posts as i have a chance.

      thank you, jinksy! ♥

  10. Well said, dani. And I’m sorry to hear your computer was down – but now you’re back and sharing your lovely words with us! Great!

  11. lovely….

    love the image you have created on top.

    • thank you! ♥ i’m so happy to see the new site The Gooseberry Garden! as long as my computer holds up, i’ll submit a brand-new poem next week to The Poetry Picnic. i appreciate being allowed to submit two almost-new ones this week. congratulations on the launch of such a wonderful site! ♥

  12. An incredible amount of work went into this presentation! Love the Chopin, which I will listen to again as I type this comment. Your cause could be no greater, no more pressing, and no more very real. We are sitting at a point in history, where even our bragged about developed countries are feeling the consequences of our wasteful ways…well done, poet!

  13. It is obvious you enjoyed this particular post … you did an excellent job weaving important messages and a buffet for thought amongst your creative juices … thank you for sharing, dani!!

  14. the



    ᵟ drops

    You seem to have stimulated my imagination. I kept hearing those rain drops going, “SPLAT!!”

    Thanks for the poem and the plea for better water policy. In L.A. we know how important it is to steal water from someone else, since we pumped our groundwater dry a century ago!

    • oh! afraid our states will be seriously fighting over water rights before long! {i’m in Arizona.} SPLAT! ?? really? i was hoping for something soothing. {smile} thank you for your visit and comment, Charles. ♥

  15. geoffpope

    Enjoyed your spaciousilent write
    especially as a seasoned Seattlite.

    • thank you, geoff. i quite like your site and the way you seemingly approach writing poetry as an adventure. {i hope i’m not too far off on that.} i appreciate you visiting and your kind comment.

  16. You put together a great collection of artwork. Good on you for sharing about world water needs.

  17. That is exquisite! Thanks for sharing this with OSI via your comment. I am glad to be here.

    • thank you very much, Sandy! i had to finish this as soon as my computer was fixed and it was all inspired by the “silence” prompt at OSI. i’m grateful you approve. ♥

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