· Ᏹ ·Ꭳ· awaken to a dream ·Ꭳ· Ᏹ ·

"Dream" Aladár Kacziány


awaken to a dream
grab a handful of stars
to make a tiara
for the Sun…  kiss her cheek
when you place it on her

awaken to a dream
catch the breeze in a bowl
scent it with  fresh apples
give it to the Devil
tell him it’s your pleasure

awaken to a dream
fill a jar with moonlight
take it to a mermaid
wash her hair with moonbeams
then plait it with lilies

awaken to a dream
look upon an angel
come down to carry you
up to the softest clouds
so you may rest in peace

·Ꭳ· Ᏹ ·Ꭳ·

“Send Me an Angel”   Scorpions       Ꭳ       thelilacfairy88

this is a modified version of  the Monchielle form which is a poem consisting of four five-line stanzas where the first line repeats in each verse. Each line within the stanzas consist of six syllables, and lines three and five rhyme. The rhyme pattern is Abcdc Aefgf Ahiji Aklml.  {i omitted the rhyming.}

this is my submission to ~

Poetry Potluck Week 47     at     Jingle Poetry     a Fabulous site for poets ~ spend some time there!
prompt:   “History and Stories”  {submit a new or old poem}

The Poetry Pantry #61   at   Poets United   a FABulous site for poets ~ check it out!
submit a new or old poem

Prompt #279  at  Sunday Scribblings
prompt:   pleasure

Prompt 180   at   One Single Impression
prompt:   dreams

i am also participating in ~


Post A Day

“Send Me an Angel”   Scorpions

Music: Rudolf Schenker
Lyrics: Klaus Meine

The wise man said just walk this way
To the dawn of the light
The wind will blow into your face
As the years pass you by
Hear this voice from deep inside
It’s the call of your heart
Close your eyes and your will find
The passage out of the dark

Here I am
Will you send me an angel
Here I am
In the land of the morning star

The wise man said just find your place
In the eye of the storm
Seek the roses along the way
Just beware of the thorns

Here I am
Will you send me an angel
Here I am
In the land of the morning star

The wise man said just raise your hand
And reach out for the spell
Find the door to the promised land
Just believe in yourself
Hear this voice from deep inside
It’s the call of your heart
Close your eyes and your will find
The way out of the dark

Here I am
Will you send me an angel
Here I am
In the land of the morning star
Here I am
Will you send me an angel
Here I am
In the land of the morning star



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28 responses to “· Ᏹ ·Ꭳ· awaken to a dream ·Ꭳ· Ᏹ ·

  1. Thanks for the angel I needed one today.

  2. Once again, your picture is gorgeous and your prose it so lovely!

  3. A lovely poem. I love reading about and writing about angels.

    • thank you, Charles! i’d like to set up a page for angel poetry as it is one of my favorites, too. for some really stunning poems about angels, you might want to go through the archives of Poems to the Ocean {i think there’s a tag and/or category of angels.} Adam is going to start writing again soon.

  4. This is truly beautiful.

  5. A nice little story of dreaming. The picture and poem go quite well together.

    • the image was completely the inspiration as i tried to use something from the painting in each verse. thank you for visiting and commenting, Jess. ♥

  6. Excellent! Thanks for introducing me to that form. That is a beautiful poem in response to the OSI prompt.

    • thank you, Sandy! i appreciate your visit and kind comment. i’m not good at rhyming but i’m sure that would make the form better.

  7. you know, you just made me want to fill a jar with moonlight, take it to a mermaid and wash her hair with moonbeams… simply love this…so dreamy and playful…

  8. nice dani…love the little textures…catch a jar of moonlight and a fist full of stars…this is the magic of love eh?

    yeah i have another hole i write at under a pseudonym…only post there like once a month, maybe twice on a good month…

  9. I like the playful images and how each takes you to a dreamy place that feels familiar. The tie-ins to folklore images and mythological creatures so nicely complements the painting.

  10. Another magical piece dani…and that’s quite the image you found to go with it as well. How’d you happen on that?

    • thank you, Chris. that’s very kind of you. i’ve discovered Wikimedia Commons ~ an amazing source of images from classic paintings to recent photographs which are either in the public domain or allowed for use under the Creative Commons License. i love doing searches by topic because i discover so many new-to-me artists and photographers. i actually searched for “dreams” {the prompt from One Single Impression} then pulled things from the painting for each verse. {and for the song selection.} it helps my muse along. {smile}

  11. Such an excellently versed dream.Thanks for share..please visit my blog too as my poetry also is based on dreams in a different view..

    • i look forward to reading your poetry. it’s very difficult to operate my laptop right now, but i’ll have a mouse in a few days and plan on doing a lot of blog visits then. ♥ thank you so much for your visit and very kind comment.

  12. I love your poem! Very imaginitive and flows so beautifully!

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