·°·◊·°· tropical fruit ·°·◊·°·

"Le Rêve Transformé" Giorgio de Chirico





tropical fruits…



to the god

of  the Forces of  Chaos


He Worships

"The Melancholy of Departure" Giorgio de Chirico

such sweetness

until a bite


into rot

spit it out

spit it out

just say it!





little time

before the train



fruit forgotten

"The Disquieting Muses" Giorgio de Chirico

Chaos boards the train


not noticing



looks Fear

in the eye

and says


i’m coming, too

“Spill”  syncopated avant-garde jazz     PeerLanda

this is my submission to ~

dVerse ~ Poets Pub

the exciting new Poets community from Brian Miller and Claudia Schöenfeld ~ come join the party!

Poetics – Georgia de Chirico   at    dVerse ~ Poets Pub
thanks to Mark for the introduction to the art of  Georgio de Chirico

The Thursday Think Tank #60     at     Poets United  a FABulous site for poets ~ check them out!
prompt:   what tantalizes you at the Farmers Market?

Monday Morning Writing Prompt   at   liv2write2day’s Blog
prompt:   pick ten random words  {thank you, Victoria!}

temptation, forces of  chaos, worship, say, question, before, forgotten, fear

Prompt #279  at  Sunday Scribblings
prompt:   pleasure

i am also participating in ~


Post A Day



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24 responses to “·°·◊·°· tropical fruit ·°·◊·°·

  1. wow dani you’ve been busy..i’m wondering how many pics he painted with bananas on it… i have to say – the more paintings i see by him, the more interested i get about his background… i like all of them but my fav is the one with the train as you captured this uncertainty that always swings with arrival and departure.. and my dad was working for the german train company – so i grew up with trains…and they still throw their magic…enjoyed my train rides in italy even if they weren’t really comfortable but yeah – not exactly sure what it is…. now see…i’m talkative this morning…smiles.. have a lovely sunday dani..

    • i love art, but i’m afraid this isn’t my cup of tea. i love trains, too. we have a couple that go through Arizona, but i haven’t been on a train since i was a child. i remember finding the rhythm very comforting as i fell asleep. let’s see… i believe you are nine hours ahead of me time-wise. it’s getting close to 1am here so i’ll be off to bed soon. i hope you have a lovely Sunday as well, Claudia. ♥ thank you for taking the time to come by and chat a bit.

  2. are you the Queen of prompts? this part works out best for me:
    looks Fear
    in the eye
    and says
    i’m coming, too”

  3. chaos, fear and paranoia….not sure i want to run into that gang on the train…love the personification of them…you did well encompassing several of the works and turning them into a cohesive story…

    • thank you, brian! this one was as difficult for me to do as ‘dance of the dead’ {which is at least improved by your suggestions~thank you} i think i may take a break from prompts for awhile and see if my muse is hanging around anywhere. i LOVE your poem in response to the dVerse ~ Poets Pub prompt. one of your best!

  4. Wow! These are great!
    The tropical fruit reminds me of my upcoming vacation to the Caribbean.

    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Debbie Dawnslight

    I really liked this write. The rhythm, the flow.
    “chaos boards the train”…
    Thank you.

  6. I absolutely adored your last piece…Having grown up amidst “Chaos”, I can attest that he truly does, indeed, eventually go unnoticed. And that ever present Fear and her cohort Paranoia often run amok in that type of environment. I’m glad I dropped in.

  7. You did an amazing job with the MMWP and especially with the response to dVerse’s Poetic’s prompt. deChirico definitely had a think with bananas, didn’t he?

    • thank you, Victoria. ♥ i couldn’t get anywhere with the random words all week. i really think they suited this poem. i wonder if deChirico liked bananas for their look or their taste? {smile}

  8. hedgewitch

    I like what you’ve done very minimally here to suggest the disjointedness and yet consistent internal messaging of the art. The dead bird in the Departure painting almost looks like a bunch of bananas after two days of this guy–maybe it is—I’m going to have to totally rethink the whole tropical fruit thing after this. It’s starting to seem sinister, and full of loss, like everyone getting on the train and leaving–leaving what exactly?–behind…enjoyed it, dani.

    • thank you, Joy! ♥ {giggle} i thought the dead bird was a bunch of bananas. i love your poem for the prompt. i truly appreciate your visit and thoughtful comment. ♥

  9. My favorite part is the “questions…. departs” section – with the spaces it works nicely.

    • thank you, Mark. i’m grateful you could find any part to like. {smile} not my genre, i’m afraid. it’s nice to meet you and i look forward to seeing you back at the Pub.

  10. ‘while
    looks Fear
    in the eye
    and says’
    I’m coming ~ no mean feat stringing all of these together but you did this magnificently ~ Lib

    • thank you, Lib! ♥ that’s my favorite part {i really don’t care much for the rest of the poem.} thank you for such a sweet comment!

  11. Enjoyed the compilation of pieces you placed to words. ~ Rose

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