·Ꮽ•Ꭶ•Ꮾ· just a glance ·Ꮽ•Ꭶ•Ꮾ·


even after so many years
it’s still a surprise

this passion you elicit
with just a glance


when you look at me

my body trembles
from the heat of your desire
coursing through me


in the space of  a single breath

the love in your eyes
caresses me tenderly
to the bottom of my soul


and the happiness we share
overpowers me

my need for you never more than now

i am…..       forever yours

· Ꮽ •Ꭶ• Ꮾ ·

the above poem is a compilation and expansion of  the following haiku/senryu ~

originally posted 12 February 2010  “my body trembles”

my body trembles

to the bottom of my soul

when you look at me

originally posted 24 February 2010  “passion”

it’s still a surprise

the passion you elicit

overpowers me

“The Very Thought of  You”   Billie Holiday


this is my third submission to ~

Poetry Potluck Week 46     at     Jingle Poetry     a Fabulous site for poets ~ spend some time there!
 prompt:   “Love and its not being there”  {submit a new or old poem}

i am also participating in ~


Post A Day



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6 responses to “·Ꮽ•Ꭶ•Ꮾ· just a glance ·Ꮽ•Ꭶ•Ꮾ·

  1. you are such a gem, thanks for linking your 3rd piece to poetry potluck.

    bless you.

    Happy Wednesday.

    • happy Wednesday to you as well, Jingle! ♥ LOTS of great poetry every week at the Poetry Potluck! i love Jingle Poetry! thank you for your visits and kind comments. ♥

  2. Beautiful poem! I really love your site’s visual appeal too. Kudos on creativity. =)

  3. This poem made me tremble. I felt as is I were diving into the deep end
    and the water was becoming so warm.

    Exquisite blog, btw.

    • thank you so much, Cynthia! ♥ i’m hoping to have a long-term relationship where these feelings remain alive. i really appreciate your incredibly kind comment about the blog, too. ♥

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