baby did a bad thing



i knew she was gonna break my heart

but once i touched her

there wasn’t a fuckin’ thing i could do about it


she took my heart between her teeth

and shook her head back and forth

like a dog with a bone


only i was the one

slavering at her feet

willing to do anything….

a. n. y. thing.  she wanted….

to convince her of  my undying love


all in the split-second

of  eternity

that it took to touch her arm


but she spit out my heart

whispered  “maybe another day”

and walked away


then baby did a bad, bad thing



i wasn’t enough….

she wanted the adoration

of  every man in the bar

and was willing to do

what they wanted to get it


i felt like cryin’

knowing she’d go that low

for a standing ovation


i lit a cigarette

caught her eye

then turned and walked away


i knew i’d find true love again

somewhere else….

another day





“Baby Did A Bad Bad Thing”   Chris Isaak




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“Baby Did A Bad Bad Thing”   Chris Isaak







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44 responses to “baby did a bad thing

  1. jgavinallan

    This is poetry at its best…the emotion and finality of the sorrow is brilliant.
    Again… this is poetry at its best

  2. wow, that’s raw. i saw chris isaak once…i really went to see the opener, sophie b hawkins, but he was the main act. his song “wicked game” is one that i think is really good, but it’s hard for me to hear anymore. i (fireblossom) wrote a poem about it called jocelyn’s house.

    • i just read “jocelyn’s house” and it kicked me in the gut. wow! that’s what i call ‘tortured love’ poetry in all it’s gory glory. the only two songs i know of isaak’s are “baby did a bad bad thing” and “wicked game” but i like both. thanks for comin’ by and commenting. ♥

  3. adoring the blog – haiku love songs.

    baby did a bad thing haiku is down yet free of dirt just authentic
    human “love me” emotion.

  4. Wow Dani! Great poetic words, picture, and music. What images you conjured – ouch! I am a sucker for Chris issak ‘s Wicked Game. I can only image where you would go with that one

    • thanks, Sean! ♥ i was already thinking about waiting a couple of weeks and trying something for “Wicked Game.” {smile} i have a new headset, so really enjoying listening to music while writing.

  5. Love the rawness of this… deep down heartache… sound piece.

    • i’m over at your blog right now! {smile} i can’t read your Magpie piece until after i write mine though. i’d plagiarize you {unintentionally, of course.} thank you so much for your kind comment, Petrina! ♥ i really appreciate it.

  6. This cuts right to the bone. The “standing ovation” prompt was a good one, but I never thought it would birth a poem as visceral, as strong as this one. “like a dog with a bone,” great image. Excellent! Amy

  7. Awesome! You nailed this! A movie scene with Chris in the background. Excellent writing!

  8. Very naughty girl indeed…a wonderful piece!

  9. Nicely done an enjoyable read

  10. I think we both dated the same person…well said.

    • i’m sorry to hear that, Gary. {though i haven’t dated other women. not that i’d be against it.} thanks for your visit and comment. ♥

  11. whew…what a write dani…vicious and intense but so real a feel as sometimes that is just what happens when we lay our heart on the table…

    • unfortunately, true, but i think there were unrealistic expectations given that it took place in a strip club. {smile} thanks for coming by and your very kind comment, brian! ♥

  12. Raw write! Maybe baby was looking to get spanked? Hope the heart heals and true love is found. Awesome!

    • {smile} maybe she was… and i must admit, i don’t think the speaker really knows what true love is either. thanks so much for coming by and your comment, tashtoo! ♥ much appreciated.

  13. dani — this is awesome … full of raw emotion, bone-cutting passion gone awry … you continue to blossom more and more with each piece … bravo!!

  14. good to walk away…she will be never satisfied…you captured the essence of a psychological “picture” here…very well done dani

    • i’ve known a few topless dancers {no, i was never a dancer} and you’re so right about her never being satisfied. most of them feel a sense of power and control on stage that they wouldn’t want to give up because they came to the strip clubs via abuse their whole lives and have never felt in control anywhere else. so happy to see you back, Claudia! ♥ thank you for your kind comment.

  15. great post dani… however i believe most if not some, do it for financial reasons rather than the adoration of the crowd. they also become “hard” because of this, and just don’t give their heart willingly.

    *waving at you* see you ~

    • oh, i agree completely that money is a big motivation and that the job makes them “hard” but almost all do have some type of abuse in their background, be it physical, sexual or verbal/emotional and as a side “benefit” they feel a sense of control when they’re dancing. i’m certainly not meaning to be judgemental of anyone ~ i don’t feel “better than” and have met women far more intelligent {among other things} than i am who are/were exotic dancers. we all do what we have to in order to survive. *waving back* always happy to see you, Heaven! ♥ i appreciate your visits and comments.

  16. hedgewitch

    I think I’ve met that girl, and unfortunately so did my son—yeesh. Love the poem, Dani, and that is one creeped-out, kick-ass video, too. Thanks for both–greatly enjoyed, in a creepy kind of way.

  17. iblogmoore

    This was perfect for the prompt bravo this is an amazing piece!

  18. heartfelt words.
    well conveyed sentiments,
    you rock.


  19. ..that’s how you do it… i think i must echoed Heaven this time when she mentioned ’bout the financial thing as a reason for such issue… most commonly yes i believe. your piece speaks of the current waves that dominates these days… great one!(:

  20. brilliantly powerful!! what a read – to sink to that level for the standing ovation – loved that image – baby did a bad thing – baby chewed up your heart and spat it out in that moment of tangibility – nice!

  21. Wow, packs a powerful punch right where it’s supposed to.
    Great prose, sad though :(

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