your lips… #aros #29 {a not-so-small stone}




you’re talking to me
but i lose






of  what you’re saying….

your lips
draw my eyes to them
i am unable to….    think…
unable to….    list-

aaaah…..      your lips
are in want of soft kisses
the kind which last for aeons
becoming more demanding…..

when time
exists as nothing more
than  …an abstract…   distract-

when i have no control nor do i want any
when our bodies speak to each other
when we share our basest desires
and no one is left standing….










{a river of  stones was designed to help one to pay attention to the small things in life by writing a “small stone” every day about something we just happen to notice or consciously look at more closely than we normally would.  a small stone is meant to be just a few words.  i guess i could have just said “your lips” and left it at that  but my muse decided to describe the full experience of  focusing on a lover’s  lips while he was talking to me…..}




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4 responses to “your lips… #aros #29 {a not-so-small stone}

  1. Okay, color me hopelessly ditzy. I thought I had put you on follow ages ago, but no. *smax forehead* Am fixing it now.

    As for your poem, it’s so true. I don’t know if you were reading Word Garden when I was writing all the Beatrice poems, but just the way she spoke mesmerized me. I sometimes lost track of what she was saying cos i was so lost in just listening to the sounds lol.

    • aw, that’s ok ~ thanks! ♥ i will go back to read the Beatrice poems. {and the succubus and Danny’s Coffee Shop.} being truly mesmerized by a lover is an amazing experience, imho. {smile}

  2. smiles.i hear you. i feel this way at times as well there are those i could just sit and listen to…and be completely satisfied watching them talk…and then there are those that i could not stand to listen to for 5 seconds…

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